TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

William, Harry inherit Diana’s mementos

According to Diana’s will, Princes William and Harry will gain full access to their inheritances and her personal mementos that have been in safekeeping at her childhood home until they both turned 30. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> princess diana 's sons are about to be given a little bit more of their mother's personal possessions. michelle kosinski iser with that. good morning. the will left by princess diana who was only 36 when she died, 30 is when princes william and harry gain full access to their inheritance. her personal mementos that have been in safekeeping with her brother will transfer to her sons. diana 's letters, tiaras, photos, the jewels that wowed the world, also her splendid dresses, so much a part of her public memory. all of these things that diana saved and held dear have been housed since her death at the magnificent country estate where she spent much of her childhood and where she's buried.

>> my grandfather became more comfortable here.

>> reporter: he showed us the memorial he's made and their home last summer.

>> did you run around here?

>> yes on the staircase behind you if you put a tray you can get speed up as a child. i think i was the 18th generation of child to do that one out.

>> reporter: didn't you break things that were valuable?

>> we didn't then. my grandfather would have killed us.

>> reporter: charles established a traveling tribute to diana and next year, once harry hits 30 those items are expected to be given to her sons as diana wished it.

>> there's no question that william and harry are diana 's boys. the truth is they want some of their mother's possessions back, and earl spencer would not block that but i'm sure they'd continue to be a museum in honor of the princess and people will continue to make that trek to see and to be part of the diana experience.

>> prince harry has come dminto his own as a popular memory and this week he heads here for a u.s. tour from washington, d.c., to denver for a string of charity events.

>> a lot of excitement about that.

>> just follow harry wherever he goes.