TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

Cemeteries refuse to bury Boston bombing suspect

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s uncle is in Massachusetts to arrange his burial, but four cemeteries have refused to bury him and protesters have set up camp outside the funeral parlor where his body is being held. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> we're following new developments in the boston bombing investigation. the suspect's uncle is now in massachusetts to arrange for tamerlan tsarnaev's burial. katy terr is in boston following developments, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning. he will be asked to have the body released. from a search in the woods outside of u mass . dartmouth to the cambridge apartment of tamerlan tsarnaev, agents are looking for any signs of where the brothers built or tested their explosives.

>> don't bury him here.

>> reporter: in worcester protesters outside the funeral parlor . four cemeteriehave refused to bury the alleged bomber.

>> we have to bury this guy, whatever it is, whoever it is, in this country we bury people. can't separate sins from sinners, i can't pick and choose.

>> reporter: tamerlan 's parents prefer their son's body be buried in the u.s. as soon as possible. sunday uncle ruslan tsarni said he should be buried here.

>> he grew up here the last ten years in cambridge.

>> reporter: curiosity over katherine russell is growing. the 24-year-old has been staying at her parents' house in rhode island with her 3-year-old daughter. law enforcement official says investigators are neutral on whether russell had prior knowledge of the attacks. agents found material from "inspire" on her computer but it's unknown if it was downloaded by her, tamerlan and dzhokhar. over the weekend a surprise appearance by a survivor on the boston bruins game. the sellout home crowd cheered him on. they are floating the idea of giving each of the families $1 million each. the first of dzhokhar's three college friends appeared in court and the other two are also accused of obstructing justice, they will appear on may 14th .

>> katy tur in boston thank you very much.