TODAY   |  May 05, 2013

Boy with cancer, 8, scores against major league soccer team

Atticus Lane Dupre is battling cancer and wished for his youth soccer team to fight it out on the field with his sport heroes, the Portland Timbers. The Make a Wish Foundation made his wishes come true. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> a young soccer player battling cancer dreamed of playing against his favorite professional team. and his wish was granted in front of a crowd of thousands. and as jenna wolfe tells us, it's game they're not likely to forget.

>> reporter: for one afternoon, 8-year-old adicus lean depris got to play alongside his favorite team, the portland timbers . he is battling cancer, and wished for his green machine to fight it out on the field with his sport heroes. the make-a-wish foundation made that happen.

>> kids just choose to go to disneyland with their family. i chose something that lots of people are doing.

>> reporter: but what made the day even more special was when he scored not one, but four goals to help his team beat the timbers, 10-9. more than 3,000 fans watched the timbers play addicus and his teammates. he had to miss games with the green machine last season because of cancer treatments . when his sport idols heard about his wish, they were more than happy to make it come true. his favorite player, will johnson , even switched jerseys with him.

>> when you talk to him for a little bit, you understand what he's going through. it puts it all in perspective for you. and i just wanted to make a gesture as best i could to try to ease the pain just for a second or two.

>> reporter: and from the looks of it, pain was the furtherest thing from his mind.

>> it's really hard not to get overcome by emotion, seeing him out there running around, healthy kid, you know, happy, smiling. absolutely touching to play a part in making his wish come true.

>> reporter: his dad, burt, also has his own wish coming true.

>> he's doing really well now and, you know, this certainly helps.

>> reporter: and at the end of the game, addicus was appropriately awarded man of the match.