TODAY   |  May 04, 2013

Stars walk for a breast cancer cure

“We can’t help but be affected by cancer,” said actress Olivia Wilde, who will be walking the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for women Saturday. Wilde will be walking as part of a group of 32 people, which includes actress Emma Stone. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone.

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>>> in the 16th annual entertainment industry foundation revlon run/walk for women. it's a 5k event that raises money for cancer awareness and outreach programs. joining us this morning, the walk co-hosts who are at the starting line. nice to have you both with us.

>> thank you.

>> thanks for having us.

>> i know like for so many americans cancer is a cause that's near and dear, very dear to both of you. emma, your mom as i understand it is breast cancer survivor and will be here along with some other friends and family with you today. what's it like for all of you to be able to participate and do this together?

>> it's unbelievable. the energy of this run/walk is unlike anything i've ever experienced. everyone is here for the same cause and to find a cure. we have a group of 32 people walking on our team and it's probably going to be inne.

>> i imagine there's a lot of laughter and cheering and maybe even a few tears that are shed. olivia, you are walking with a friend who is cancer survivor . when you are able to bring this home and make it so personal for people, how do you think that helps them get a better sense of the impact something like this can have?

>> we can't help but be affected by cancer. there's one in three women who will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime and one in two men. this run/walk is a way to participate in theovement to end these cancers. i really think it's an opportunistic event, a positive approach. everyone here is proud to be a rt of it. i think whether you are a survivor or a family or friend of one, this is a really moving experience.

>> emma, you talked about the energy down there. i imagine it's already building even at this early hour. have you seen in your participation in events like this that energy continue afterwards?

>> absolutely. eif and revlon alone have donated millions and millions of dollars to cancer research . there's constantly new movements like facebook or tweeting or different opportunities to get involved with this organization. way past the run/walk all year long there's a lot of events.

>> great to see you. have a great time today. we should warn you that a few of our weekend "today" staffers will be joining you as well. everyone uniting for great cause this morning. thanks so much.