TODAY   |  May 04, 2013

How to build a flower tower

Just in time for the blossoms of spring, Dave White from the Home Depot offered an easy way to spruce up the yard, and assured TODAY’s Lester Holt a flower tower is something from a seasoned gardener or a budding one can do. TODAY’s Lester Holt interviews Dave White.

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>> a bold and beautiful landscaping piece for your outdoor space. dave white with home depot is here to show us how. good to see you. this is going to involve a green thumb but you have mechanical ability you have to have here.

>> this is anything from an experienced gardener to a budding young gardener.

>> what kind of materials?

>> we're going to make a flower tower. we'll start out with some metal fencing that comes in rolls and you can cut it to just about any size.

>> it comes in this shape already?

>> it comes in tighter rolls. you pull the roll apart. you can cut it with snips like this. make sure to wear gloves because ends can be sharp. the trick is to get a pot that's fairly large. 13.5-inch pot and you'll roll this into a roll that will fit down three-quarters of the way down into the pot. make sure when you cut it that you have overlap. i don't know if you can see that. you're going to connect it here with these -- this is so easy. you'll use these little zip ties to connect it. you're wrapping them around and zipping them together. you don't have to use any kind of fancy fasteners. you cut that off.

>> the question is how to get dirt in there and that's going to involve this material.

>> landscape fabric. this is what you lay down that keeps weeds from popping up on your walkways. you'll cut this fabric to a size that will wrap around the inside of your tower. it's pretty simple. once you do that you just place it inside of the metal. i have a couple inches of overlap. you use the same zip ties and cut a hole in and wrap that around. that will secure this so that the seam doesn't open up and the dirt doesn't actually get out of here.

>> speaking of dirt, what kind of soil do you like to use?

>> we'll use a potting mix. this is moisture control mix. the cool thing is that it holds onto moisture so that the plants in there get more out of the water that you put in. we do have to put the dirt in. what we're going to do is we're going to put that in a layer at a time so you just start adding it in. once you get a good layer in, water that down. that will help compress the soil and keep it moist so that it doesn't all sink to the bottom.

>> you have petunias here and you plant them as you would anything.

>> we have petunias here. you can see the structure that we have now. you're going to take a knife and then you'll hit just about every other one of these panels. just cut an x out like this. and then grab yourself a petunia like that and you're going to make a cavity.

>> leave room for them to grow and fill in.

>> depending on what you plant, this is great for kids because they can help pick colors and help plant, absolutely. give it time to let it fill in and it will become a nice lovely flower tower. it's beautiful.

>> thanks very much.

>> you're welcome.

>> great to have you on.