TODAY   |  May 04, 2013

Top picks for the Derby: Orb, Revolutionary

“Right now I like Orb,” said Donna Barton Brothers, a NBC sports racing analyst and former jockey. However, she said if the track gets soaked with rain that could change, and maybe Revolutionary will be her top pick. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer interviews Donna Barton Brothers.

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who is the most likely to actually do it? dylan is at churchill downs with more on the handicapping of the race. dylan, good morning again.

>> good morning. we talk about the fashion and mint juleps but we have to talk about the horses. i'm joined by donna brothers. you're a sports racing analyst and former jockey. you know your horses. your favorite is orb, why is that?

>> i like orb on a fast track . if you don't go with water, i'm going to go with revolutionary. if it's a sloppy track and a ton of water and i'll go all of the way to the outside and take by ja vyjack out of the 20th post.

>> once the showers start later on today, we could get quite a bit of rain. how much water can it handle?

>> a tenth of an inch will not affect this racetrack. they can seal the racetrack to where the water flows right off of it. if we get three hours of just a steady drizzle, we call that a soaker, it will definitely affect the racetrack and make it muddy. it's up to you.

>> with a tenth of an inch of rain you would go with revolutionary or stick with orb.

>> those are going to be my top two with a tenth of an inch of rain. how's that?

>> i'm trying to write down what i am going to bet after the show.

>> i'm trying not to waffle too much. i can't help it with the forecast.

>> we'll have your coverage today on nbc sports at 11:00 this morning is when it starts. it kicks off at 4:00 on nbc. the rain for later on tay is wishy washy. it's that kind of forecast. we aren't looking for it to start until 11:00 but it should be off and on lighter showers across the area today. we are going to see about a tenth of an inch of rain. there's louisville and to the west of that ishere the heaviest of the rain is that will make for sloppy conditions and that should stay mostly to our west throughout most of the morning and into early this afternoon. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a peek out your window.

>> that is your latest forast from churchill downs . we'll have much more coming up in just a few minutes. back to you.

>> looking forward to it. we know you're just the messenger with the forecast. i'm not blaming you for anything.

>> thank you for that.