TODAY   |  May 04, 2013

Dylan gets Derby-ready

“I thought it was best to stay away from the large-brimmed hat,” said TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer, saying she made the decision to go with the more subdued fascinator after learning from co-host Jenna Wolfe’s mistake. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> get your mint juleps ready and put on your fancy duds. dylan dreyer is live in churchill downs . love the hat. just hours before the running of the kentucky derby . that's cool.

>> i love it.

>> and it was a huge decision on which hat to wear. mine happens to be a fascinator. it's got hand painted silk flowers and goose feathers and my ipiration was that i wasn't sure how well it went for jenna a couple years ago so i thought it mig be best to go with the fascinator and stay away from the large brimmed hat. jenna, you look fantastic. you just don't look happy.

>> i got a choice to wear a fascinator also but if i'm going, i'm going all of the way. i wore the biggest, weirdest hat i could find and it didn't work for me.

>> you wore it well.

>> i'm not sure i did but thank you.