TODAY   |  May 04, 2013

Plane powered by sun flies across US

The plane “Solar Impulse” is making its way across the U.S., in the first cross-country flight that relies only on the power of the sun and not one drop of fuel. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> if i told you that i could get you a flight from l.a. to new york with only four layovers, how fast would you stop being my best friend? but if i told you it was the first solar plane to do it, suddenly it's cool. solar impulse landed in phoenix early this morning after taking off on friday from san francisco . it's powered only by the sun. that's how it got its name, solar plane and cruises the 30,000 feet.

>> clever.

>> i made that one up when i was thinking. 30,000 feet. 45 miles an hour. the plane has three more stops before finally ending its journey here in new york. just to recap. west coast to east coast , four layovers.

>> and a really smart name.

>> i hope you get a lot of miles with that one.