TODAY   |  May 04, 2013

Will weather help battle Calif. wildfires?

Over 28,000 acres have been burned in southern California, and officials say the fire is at 20 percent containment. Officials are hoping to get a lucky break to fight the fires. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> massive wildfires in southern california . biggest one nearly tripled in size but help could be on the way from mother nature . we go to camarillo, california, this morning for more.

>> reporter: for a third straight day firefighters are bracing themselves for another long day of fighting this blaze that's now destroyed more than 28,000 acres in ventura county . it's one of several fires that officials are trying to fight against all across the state of california . this one here they've only said in the past 24 hours that they've been able to contain it for up to 20%. they call it a monster. the spring fire stretching over almost 30,000 acres and firefighters in southern california are athe mercy of shifting winds and tough conditions.

>> very difficult area to get containment in that area.

>> reporter: 4,000 homes are threatened and many residents are told they should get out for their safety.

>> pictures, laptops, that's all we can take.

>> reporter: that's one of the most dramatic looks at this fire we have seen.

>> reporter: the fire stretches from mountains of santa monic to the pacific ocean leaving a plume of smoke so big it can easily be seen from space. firefighters have been busy as many as a half dozen smaller fires have popped up around the state like this one in san jose and in glendale, highways were shut down to battle another blaze.

>> winds kicked up and blew the embers across the freeway.

>> reporter: california doesn't usually see fire conditions like this until the fall. firefighters hope to have the biggest fire under control today but it has fooled them before.

>> it feels sometimes like you're always behind. just about the time you get caught up, fire is getting ahead of you and that's always a challenge.

>> reporter: firefighters may get a little help from mother nature in the next 48 hours . they are saying that cooler temperatures, a rise in humidity and more importantly perhaps some rain showers could help tilt the balance of this fight in their favor in suppressing this blaze. erica?

>> keep our fingers crossed for that. thanks.