TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

Sara gets a taste of military life in Charleston

Charleston is a city steeped in military history, from the beginning of the Civil War at Fort Sumter to the Medal of Honor museum on the USS Yorktown. TODAY’s Sara Haines gets to know some of the men and women serving in the military today at Joint Base Charleston.

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>> introduce us to the military here.

>> the big part of charleston is its ties to the military. i got a chance to see that up close and personal.

>> a city steeped in military history . from the beginning of the civil war at fort sumpter to the legacy of the medal of honor museum on the " uss yorktown " and the living tradition carries on with the help of joint base charleston , a joint air force and naval base employing over 25,000 service men, women and civilians.

>> it offer as lot to the economy. and the local area, it offers a lot to us. because it becomes our home. we raise our families here.

>> i had a chance to visit the base, check out one of the air force 's biggest planes, the c-17.

>> whoa.

>> this is massive. you could go bowng in here. i started with the maintenance squadron, who taught me how to set the brakes. sorry, wrong button. hello! and check the hydraulic fluid. i felt confident we had our girl in good shape. this one's good. that's a good brake. i was pasd along to the pilot.

>> you know what all of this is?

>> we do.

>> if i asked you like what is -- that --

>> that's on board oxygen generating system.

>> what about that?

>> our automation.

>> we can't talk about that one.

>> really? it wasn't even red.

>> i tested out the on-board beds that pilots use for extra-long flights.

>> can we, can we talk about our feelings? i'm a little sad that you're not letting me fly the airplane. can we hold hands, leonard? next, i met with the load master who oversees the loading of cargo.

>> okay, pilot money, lenny! hello?

>> an took a turn being cargo, myself.

>> this is awesome.

>> then, it was time to pack up some goods for a flight with the aerial fourth squadron.

>> what are you doing? i'm doing a lot of heavy lifting right now. i was even trained to protect the plane, by top-notch security team, the ravens.

>> okay oh, wait, wait, i wasn't ready, he came really fast. okay.

>> it was a long day of work. but we were able to have some fun along the way.

>> i'm a little teapot short and stout here is my handle here is my spout when i get all steamed up hear me shout tip me over and pour me out

>> that's good, you didn't do that one? that was perfect.

>> you have a way with guys.

>> in a uniform? hello?

>> our trip to charleston would not be complete without a lot of great food.

>> i ate something from a