TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

Kathie Lee, Hoda show off their shrimp-peeling skills

Mark Marhefka is a fisherman and owner of Abundant Seafood, a company that supplies seafood to restaurants all over the Charleston area. He teaches Southern belles Kathie Lee and Hoda the proper way to peel shrimp.

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>> that's exactly right.

>> two people right over here, sparkle and poppy are going to help us out.

>> and here we have mark, a local fisherman, owner of abundant seafood, which is apparently amazing. who knew all of these years we've been eating shrimp that there's a proper way to peel them.

>> show us, please.

>> well basically what i do is i go and put it in my right hand. tail area i'm going to go and sort of little squirting going on there. roll those two. and get that tail and she's ready to go.

>> can we not do the tail?

>> can't you just pull the legs off?

>> you've got to get the tail off.

>> no, no, you've got to -- watch.

>> i know how to get the tail.

>> you got to kind of roll this, roll the segments off. if it's done properly, it should lift right out.

>> is it shrimp season now?

>> the beginning of shrimp season in the charleston area.

>> we've had shrimp cooked every different way, and it's off the chain delicious.

>> this is a great time to go and get into the shrimp season.

>> we're going to play a little game, all right? we're going to see, we have two contestants, sparkle is going to be with me. come to me, sparkle.

>> and patsy is going to go with kathie lee .

>> you're not getting any advantage here. no, no, no.

>> okay.

>> are you good at this?

>> i won the shrimp-peeling contest.

>> all right, baby.

>> 30 seconds, we'll see how many shrimp we can people. me and sparkle versus kathie lee and patsy.

>> are you ready?

>> hoda -- and -- go!

>> come on, all the way. everything off. come on, sparkle, do it. come on, guys. oh, my god, i wouldn't eat that. what are we having, pate? whoa, whoa, no legs, no legs! come on, ladies. oh, my gosh! roll first, then pinch. [ buzzer ]

>> whoa! hoda! hoda-woman. who won?