TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

An inside look at Kentucky Derby cuisine

Chefs Jo-Jo Doyle and Sarah Grueneberg give a preview of some of the delicious dishes they’ll be cooking up at the Kentucky Derby this year, including ahi tuna, New York strip steak, and roasted sea scallops.

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>>> all right, cookin' at the derb the official caters of churchill dos, executive chef jojo doyle has a special guest chef, sarah from spagi in chicago. what is some of the stuff?

>> tons of food. today the new york strip, of course oaks, a great partnership with susan g. komen , we donate to the foundation. i'm going to cook over 12,000 pieces of chicken, a black pepper honey demi, a chicken stock reduced down. let that cook. we always talk about the numbers and how many people we're feeding. this year i'm excited, churchill developed the most exclusive area i think i've heard of called the mansion.

>> the vvip.

>> the vvip.

>> what are you cooking?

>> it's like a lime bar and salsa, we have horse radish and this is a roasted sea scallop with pork belly .

>> like surf and trough.

>> surf and trough for sure.

>> and this is a little bit of chili, lime juice , cilantro and that will be delicious with the salad.

>> that's fantastic. what is the dessert you have there chef?

>> we brought over 20,000 shooter this is year and derby pie but the shooters, dolce dolce dulece, velvet cake, lemon meringue pie .

>> who do you like in the derby?

>> no, no, i always pick the food, not the horses. that's the safest bet you can make.

>> jojo doyle and sarah, thank you so much. we have a lot more coming up on "today" but first this