TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

Is it OK to lie to a loved one?

TODAY’s Willie Geist and his longtime friend Megan Colarossi share a little friendly advice from the male and female perspectives, including weighing in on whether little white lies are OK to protect a loved one’s feelings.

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>>> back now with the latest installment of "today's friendly advice." megan colarossi steers us through life's dilemmas.

>> good morning, i'm so happy to be here. it's a big day your birthday and i fought to be on here on your birthday.

>> honestly i'm glad you're here.

>> the world knows, i'm glad the world knows. two things i brought you, willie's drink of choice is a maker's mark, splash of gingerale. lot of ice and the lime. and i can't drink that so i'll have apple juice with you, happy birthday to my dear friend.

>> how far along, six monthsish.

>> 25 weeks, a long time to go so you can't get rid of me yet.

>> you're sticking around.

>> the second surprise you are a fan of this woman's cookies we know, helen's kitchens cookies.

>> these are the best cookies on earth.

>> she is amazing, i had her ship them to us and you have to have a bite ofcharlotte, north carolina , sweet and salty. i'm not going to eat because we need to talk. kind of a birthday theme. never tell a lie, this was our poll question if a loved one, family member gives you a gift that you don't like, do you say something to them?

>> okay my parents raised me, this is tough. it's hard but my parents raised me a gift is a gift and you take a gift, it's a generous offer that you don't say anything.

>> never?

>> it's very hard for me if i get a gift i'm just so happy to get a gift these days i don't get a lot of gifts but to get a gift is so nice even if i don't like it i don't say anything. why hurt the person's feelings.

>> i agree with you. caveat if it's your wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, you can have an honest conversation, it's not the right color, i don't know if this is what i would have chosen. the gift is a placeholder, i got you this, we can go back to the store and get somethingelse. you have to be honest because if you don't wear it it's sitting in the clonset and your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, says why aren't you wearing that thing i got you. twitter i'm getting destroyed. america agrees with you, 69% team megan. 31% for team me.

>> you got to be polite.

>> you don't say it?

>> there's things in close wet tags on it, poor guy.

>> celebrating a friend or co-worker's birthday, do you ask them how old they are?

>> you don't ask a female their age. i don't ask anyone, i'm nosy i want to know someone's age. i know how old you are.

>> 38.

>> are you sure? just kidding. you don't ask but guys are different. i think you should be proud of ur age and if it is your birthday own it, tell them how old you are but in the same respect guys get in there.

>> we have no filter. we ask and remember after the fact that you're not supposed to ask how old somebody is. last one, no presents, please, if you're bringing your kids to a birthday party and the invitation specifically says no presents, do you still bring one?

>> okay, here we go. we're parents. we have young kids. no means no. if i say no presents no means no. we have so much stuff in our house that my kid doesn't need another toy or anything like that but the one thing i do do and i think maybe your wife does this, correct me on this, i bring a little trinket like a balloon something that can get "lost" on the way home so it can be thrown somewhere.

>> i consulted with christine if there's no presents bring a book, doesn't clutter up.

>> it's your birthday we have a surprise for you. and it's german chocolate cake , your mom is going to be here, she makes a german chocolate cake . thank you, ladies.

>> you don't have a candle.

>> when did you find the time you've been on the air for three hours.

>> the first one didn't work