TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

Newlyweds are put to the test in new Bravo series

Four couples are testing the old adage about the first year of marriage being the hardest in a new docuseries on Bravo, “Newlyweds: The First Year.” Two of the couples talk about sharing their newlywed high and low points with the world.

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>> everyone says the first year of marriage is the hdest so how will it be for the four newlywed couples who put their love to the test in a new documentary series on bravo called newlyweds the first year. two of the couples are here, katherine and john and kimberly and gideon. hi, everyone. alaska, i gave you grief, holding hands just for the cameras because it's the first year?

>> it's the first year and we're still holding hands , we'll see how much longer this lasts, holding hands that is.

>> scared me there for a second. this is amazing you're on the series together but this is the first time you've met each other, right?

>> yes, but we felt like we knew each other pretty much.

>> yeah, i gave her a big hug.

>> you're in this club together in the first year of your marriage.

>> right.

>> it's interesting, katherine usually the reality shows are filled with a lot of drama, a lot of things that make us say omg but are you putting it on the line, is it real? you're showing the ups and downs , the highs and lows?

>> that's why we did it because everybody can relate to this, everyone's in a relationship going through something and, like john you said it best when you said it's like inside trading.

>> really? i didn't think of marriage that way but go on.

>> it's what we show you everything, the everyday, the ugly, the lows, the highs.

>> what you see is what you get so for us it was a wonderful experience and the fact that we have a bad memory that we can document everything for one year was fantastic.

>> i'm curious why people do this when you know marriage is tough and now you're putting it out there for everyone to see. why did you do it?

>> personally for me, well kim and i, we have say story to share.

>> you dated five years before the proposal.

>> did not live together.

>> real old school but modern twist to it. but at the same time a lot of our friends we let them know we're not perfect, not this, don't idolize us but at the end of the day it's a relationship and everyone goes through relationships.

>> katherine and john you gave up your bachelor's pad. which you should, right?

>> i guess.

>> no one told you you'd have to give up the home and live with your life.

>> i knew but one thing is doing it and the other is saying it.

>> i gave up my whole lifestyle.

>> please, come on it wasn't that bad.

>> i went from manhattan to the suburbs.

>> that's a big move. it is an incredible series. i will be glued to the set watching.

>> thank you.

>> learn before we leap. thank you so much, it's a pleasure meeting all of you and best of luck on your first year and many years together. you can watch the series premiere "newlyweds" monday