TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

Kentucky Derby: Weather ‘could play a big part’

NBC racing analyst Kenny Rice gives the inside scoop on this weekend’s Kentucky Derby, revealing who he thinks will go home a winner and saying the expected rain could make “a lot of bets go out the window.”

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>> speaking of giants, a giant among race analysts is mr. kenny rice. good to he so yoee you.

>> great to see you.

>> how could the weather affect the track?

>> the last time we had a sloppy track four years when the 50: 1 shot came in, a lot of bets go out the window depending on how well the track holds up if we get rain all day.

>> who do you like?

>> i think orb is the best horse, undefeated this year, he comes in and has a hall of fame trainer in sug magahee. the money would be on him i think more than any other horse.

>> gary stevens coming out of retirement.

>> what a story.

>> what do you think his chances are?

>> he has an outside chance, they combined to win seven derbies and two together and he won on a 50: 1 shot with wayne's horse in the mid '90s so i never count out gary.

>> kevin krieger from st. croix has an opportunity to be the first black jockey to win the derby in 111 years. how do you like his chances in.

>> i'm happy for him he got the chance, he's been an exercised rider, under the radar and doug o'neill the trainer who won this race last year gave him an opportunity and he's done nothing wrong in the way he's guided this horse. he's a good, talented young jockeys and rookie jockeys won last year.

>> kenny rice thanks so much. we can check the nbc coverage sporting on the nbc sports network at 11:00 a.m . and race coverage starts on the nbc network at 4:00. kenny , thanks. that's what's going