TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

Matt: I’ll dance again ‘in 17 years’

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including Matt Lauer’s TODAY dancing debut with PSY earlier Friday morning, which Matt says he doesn’t plan to reprise for quite a while.

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i'm willie geist along with tamron hall and erica hill . al is in kentucky. i heard you were dancing.

>> you hear the "gangnam style" you're made to dance in that thing. you can't.

>> especially around horses because it's a horse move.

>> it is a horsey dance . it is the horsey dance . i don't have any horses but.

>> speaking of being made to dance we have matt lauer over here.

>> i did it because it's your birthday.

>> that's why he did it.

>> my gift to you.

>> what a gift it was. we're going to break down a little game film matt lauer for the first timen american television dancing.

>> according to savannah it's the second or third.

>> let's go to the tape, matt, walk us through what we're seeing.

>> i had 45 minutes' sleep last night. so i was a little bit out of my element.

>> you got a little spring there.

>> this is my move no question, what they call the arrogant dance .

>> you said it's in your kitchen so that means in your space?

>> in my space between my navel and my knees.

>> your kitchen.

>> as i walked in, i heard her giving you grief.

>> willie, i thought you were going to come out and join us. they sent out an e-mail everybody have a good time and i looked everywhere for you and couldn't find you.

>> you know something came up. i had to finish my taxes -- root canal.

>> are you like me in that area?

>> i'll dance at a wedding for you but i don't know.

>> not for me.

>> personally for you, matt, any time.

>> how do you feel you've gotten is off your back? people were stopping you in the airport, they've been asking for a year. how does it feel now?

>> i think it's nice to have accomplished that. i'll do it again in 17 years.

>> like the cicadas.

>> perfect.

>> okay, happy birthday .

>> the new dance a lot easier than the gangnam, not asking a lot of your legs.

>> that's what i was telling savannah we were together me and my girl sg. the key is don't open your legs too much.

>> always a good rule of thumb .

>> that is one we can take to heart.

>> so your feet are like that and it's in your hips and we worked it out and she was fantastic, she stepped it up.

>> what did you tell me again? sorry.

>> your mother gives a daughter and a friend gives a friend, don't open too much.

>> my dance is on a seven-second delay like later.

>> i thought you did great.

>> you had enthusiasm if nothing else.

>> everything looks bet we ater with a smile.

>> what's the rule one more time?

>> i'm not saying it again.

>>> it's your birthday.

>> this is my birthday, thank you.

>> tell your age?

>> 38. 1975 . i'm not going to hide it.

>> are you doing something sun in.

>> i'm out of the house. i don't think they know it's my birthday you know how it goes.

>> we want to quiz you to see how well you know your first. you were born in 1975 .

>> yep.

>> so it's appropriate to quiz someone put them in the hot seat. erica you in?

>> you start, i'm ready.

>> what nbc show launched the year you were born. this is a perfect show, it's you, this show is you.

>> do i have choices in.

>> no, you have no know.

>> what launched the year you were born '75. the show is you.

>> i have no idea. when you don't provide an answer you get the buzz.

>> how about music, what song topped the charts the day you were born again may 3rd , 1975 ?

>> there are no multiple choice on this? i --

>> really, y need multiple choice . come on.

>> i guess fill in the circle.

>> we'll give you the artist tony orlando and dawn .

>> like that's doing it for him.

>> that won't help.

>> that took me back

>> "you don't lhe don't love you like i love you." he don't love you like i love you

>> what was the blockbuster hit in 1975 .

>> "jaws."

>> very nice. who was the president when you were born?

>> mr. gerald ford .

>> excellent.

>> strong.

>> iity th thought you said wrong.

>> here is a question, if you are asked do you tell someone the trut if you don't like the birthday gift they gave you? take your position on this, temegan is hash tag yes -- i messed that up.

>> my yes is a caveat yes. if it's your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, you can be more honest than if it's someone else .

>> than your mother or your co-worker.

>> it's a social dilemma you may face on your birthday today.

>> it could happen in the next few hours.

>> are you saying you didn't like the gift i got you?

>> i'm still waiting for your gift.

>> i got you a concert on the plaza okay and i had matt dance for you. what more can a girl do?

>> what more can a man want for his birthday.