TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

5 Mother’s Day gifts you can get for a steal

In a special Mother’s Day edition of Steals and Deals, TODAY contributor Jill Martin shares five gifts you can get at deeply discounted prices that are sure to put a smile on mom’s face.

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>>> time for a special mother 's day edition of " jill 's steals and deals" great items at dply discounted prices, just in time for mother 's day which is not this sunday but the nex sunday and because it is all about moms this morning, jill , we have a very special group of moms behind us. [ cheers and applause ] how did you find these ladies?

>> here are the nbc experience store and we put out posts and tweets and write in sons and daughters why their moms deserve to have their "today" show experience. they're here from all over the country thank you for being here.

>> and looking fabulous. let's get to the deal.

>> everyone can get these deals at home and you'll get them in time for mother 's day. let's start with the stationary studio note cards you see them right here, 100 cards, you choose four different borders. the retail is $99.95, and they're personalized, great for year round, thank you cards, handwritten note, snail mail, retail $99.95, the deal $29.95, 70% off. you can do an ooh or ahh.

>> ooh!

>> live audience, very great. next one.

>> 1-800-flowers retail $49.99, 36 assorted cookies the butter cream frosted cookies.

>> mmm!

>> okay.

>> very well done, ladies.

>> retail $49.99 the deal $19.99, 60% off and comes in this box with a printed bow. so the wrap something already done. let's move on to the flowers, this is so great retail $61.99, two dozen roses in a red vase shipped overnight, retail $61.99, the deal $27.99, that's 55% off.

>> wow.

>> ooh.

>> they're getting more and more excited as it goes on.

>> i have to give you a new thing now.

>> if you order this, they will arrive in time for mother 's day.

>> every in time for mother 's day and these will arrive fresh. this is amazing, the carry-all totes, retail $395, crafted from genuine leather comes with a detachable shoulr strap, five colors, black, brown, wine, cement and dark teal. i showed the strap in the front, the deal $79, that's 80% off.

>> wow!

>> i was checking inside to make sure there were interior pockets. my mom loves an interior pocket so this is good.

>> all year round bag.

>> great.

>> jewelry, love it.

>> retail $350 to $385 come in this beautiful box, black or white diamonds set in silver with a 20 inch adjustable chain. you can pick three different styles but they're on our website, the deal is $77, 80% off.

>> wow.

>> could you wear a couple together like you have.

>> i love it layered. i'm going to get one for myself, this is great for your mother , mommy/daughter matching amazing.

>> on the website after you get off.

>> go on this is an at home spa set the retail is $125. the set contains the body balm, bliss's number one best selling facial cleanser the eye cream and face lotion. retail $125, the deal $37.50.

>> i love these products. moms you've done such a good job, don't you think they've earned something.

>> maybe a little something from "steals and deals."

>> all right, jill , do your things.

>> this is the big reveal. you've already had a fabulous day so we wanted to street you, you are getting everything from "steals and deals" today.

>> you've been so good so hold this up and we're so happy you're here and thank you for coming in from all over the country.

>> that will fit in the overhead bin, don't worry.

>> perfect.

>> thank you so much, ladies, congratulations, happy early mother 's day to you. we want to remind everybody what the deals are, the products starting with the personized note card stationary studio, cheryl's cookies or red roses from 1-800-flowers, the cuore tote and we have the la soula necklaces diamonds beautiful and special package from bliss so some great gifts for mom and you can get it in time for mother 's day, go to jill martin thank you.

>>> coming up next we'll have psy live on the plaza to do your dance, first this is "today" on nbc.