TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

How to make the perfect Kentucky Derby mint julep

Fred Noe, a seventh-generation distiller for Jim Beam, shows TODAY’s Al Roker how to make a mint julep, the signature bourbon-laced drink of the Kentucky Derby.

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>> weekend count on horses, hats and mint juleps. joining me fred noe the great grandson of jim beam , the chief distiller of jim beam and knob creek .

>> that's right.

>> you are going to show us how to make the perfect mint julep .

>> yes, sir.

>> why is the mint julep the drink?

>> it's fresh, made for the ladies, sweet, essence of mint. sip on it all day.

>> how do you do this?

>> simple syrup.

>> that has mint infused in it.

>> one part of that.

>> right, okay.

>> we put in the key ingredient, bourbon.

>> two parts bourbon.

>> two parts bourbon. and the big key is to add the crushed ice in these cups because you want it to frost up and what we'll do is stir it with your spoon there.

>> you're supposed to get it so it's frosty on the outside.

>> yes, sir, the key is to circle it around.

>> condensation, okay. this is the most important part with the mint.

>> the most important part is the mint. to release the oils we what they call spank the mint on the glass itself.

>> my mint has been spanked.

>> top it off with ice.

>> a little more ice. all righty. fred noe from jim beam and knob creek thank you so much. appreciate it.

>> thanks, al.