TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

Man who hid New Mexico treasure offers new clue

The search for a multimillion-dollar treasure hidden in New Mexico continues as would-be millionaires head to the mountains, where some are finding trouble with the law. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports and Forrest Fenn, the man who hid the treasure, reveals a new clue to help searchers.

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>>> the latest clue on a real life multimillion-dollar treasure hunt , a pile of jewels and gold hidden somewhere in the southwest.

>> in just a moment the man who hid that treasure will reveal the new clue. janet shamlian has the treasure 's tail. good morning to you.

>> yes, forrest is here and anxious to give us the clue. for tune seekers have been enthusiastic looking for the treasure , sometimes according to park rangers a little too aggressive in their quest. the santa fe national forest is filled with artifacts, arrowheads and pieces of pottery dating back to the 1300s .

>> what have you got there?

>> reporter: treasures of a different kind that worries the u.s. forest service . the gold and jewels said to be hidden by millionaire art dealer forrest fenn . mike brieber is the archaeologist.

>> the santa fe national forest this is federal public land so you're welcome to visit, our concern is you don't do any digging or other kind of vandalism to the site.

>> reporter: a man digging beneath this sacred burial site was stopped and cited, he was looking for fenn 's treasure . it raised alarm bells who fear the summer tourist season could draw hunters who don't know the law or choose to ignore it. if something is found here on this land, who does it belong to?

>> it belongs to the people of the united states .

>> reporter: it's not finder's keepers.

>> no.

>> reporter: liam came home with only pictures. after learning the treasure they traveled four hours with their four young daughters.

>> it was kind of fun.

>> got news the outdoors and got away from all the electronics.

>> reporter: it's what fenn said he intended when he hid the riches that the real treasure wasn't the gold.

>> i think it's all about spending time together and the family time.

>> reporter: perhaps someone will inch closer to that treasure . forrest is here with the clue. take it away.

>> the treasure is not in a graveyard.

>> you call that a clue?

>> that's a clue.

>> it's a good clue?

>> i don't know, what do you think.

>> should we try to get more out of him?

>> good luck. you've tried that in the past and it hasn't worked.

>> i said i hid it but that doesn't mean it isn't buried.

>> i think you guys might be better at this, he's giving me back talk, i think that's all we'll get out of him.

>> i'm glad we have the warning so folks you don't need to dig up graveyards, that's a public service announcement and clue.

>> that's good practice anyway no matter what.

>> fofrest fenn and janet shamlian thanks so much. the clue, the treasure is not in a graveyard.

>> the 12th clue.