TODAY   |  May 02, 2013

Which celeb couple recently married in Charleston?

John LaVerne of Bulldog Tours in Charleston, S.C., quizzes Kathie Lee and Hoda, along with a group of viewers, about their knowledge of music, movies and celebs that have connections to the Holy City.

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>>> we'd like to say charleston is a beautiful and picturesque town, so it doesn't surprise any of us that hollywood hasn't looked around and said what a beautiful place for movie.

>> here to quiz us on the movie, music and television connections to this fine city is john laverne, head tour guide for bulldog tours.

>> so we should point out that we each have teams here, we're not alone. team hoda is hannah, a student here and a junior and wearing my name on her shirt and jenny, a ninth grade teacher.

>> and i have lauren and claire, they're both going to graduate next week!

>> take it away.

>> welcome to the charleston challenge. let's listen to the questions. team hoda, team kathie lee , let's go. scenes from the 2003 film, " cold mountain " were shot here on campus. which actor or actress eard an oscar?

>> what is the answer?

>> rene zeweger?

>> that's the right answer.

>> yes!

>> next question, let's go. the "the notebook" was also filmed here in charleston . what was the name of the town the movie was set in. a, seaside, south carolina , b, sea bright , south carolina -- c --

>> seabrook, south carolina .

>> we said sea brook.

>> sea brook island.

>> sea brook island.

>> we said that.

>> no, you didn't!

>> charleston was used as a backdrop in that movie, i don't know if any of y'all saw it, rachel macadams. the question number three, which lifetime network series currently --

>>> what is it?

>> we won!

>> excuse me. you got to have the button.

>> all right. it's fixed as usual.

>> no it's not.

>> let's go.

>> they shoot all over campus, shoot in charleston , shoot at the citadel. question number four, which cebrity couple recently tied the knot --

>> ryan reynolds and blake lively .

>> next question!

>> i love this game.

>> darius rucker native charlestonian, the solo artist!

>> lead singer of hootie and the blowfish . according to the band who or what is hootie? is it a, the nickname of a college friend who wore glasses? b, a nickname for darius, who has big eyes. c, a nod to --

>> what is it?

>> a.

>> a is the right answer.

>> this girl is ineinstein.

>> listen up, ladies, which talk show host was raised in charleston , south carolina .

>> stephen colbert .

>> yes!

>> kathie lee one point. team hoda still won.

>> the prizes are -- a gift card $250 to a local restaurant. dvds of all the films we've been talking about. and more!

>> that was so fun!