TODAY   |  May 02, 2013

Gorgeous gardening: Make Southern window boxes

James Farmer from Southern Living magazine shows how anyone can create gorgeous Southern-style window boxes that have a tropical twist, stylish flowers and fresh herbs like mint and rosemary.

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>>> the historic district of charleston is known for its elegant mansions and also known for its beautiful window xes.

>> unbelievable.

>> this is james farmer , "southern living" magazine's editor at large. he should know.

>> what are we going to learn?

>> we're going to make a classic charleston window box . in the south you don't have a lot of space to garden so you put one right outside your window. you want great foliage. maiden head ferns and you need lime green , you need color.

>> different shades of green.

>> what i love to do is build up from the color. something like these hydrangeas, carl hydrangeas, we start in the middle and work our way out. i don't wear gloves, i know y'all got them on.

>> dig a hole.

>> dig a hole right there, i'm going to putn some maiden hair. and we'll put one on this side and one on this side. here you go, here you go.

>> i like it when you call me honey.

>> you've got to have something, doing flowers in the south is like doing hair, the bigger the better.

>> we'll get some of those caladyams in there, too.

>> what what about scent?

>> a big old --

>> there you go.

>> what about that?

>> coleus.

>> pop, drop and moss. we're got moss around it. moss covers a multitude of since, we'll start moving it all around.

>> what do you want to do?

>> i want to have a competition.

>> i want to see who can do the best window box .

>> excuse me.

>> these are mine.

>> whatever you want . you can use anything.

>> okay. here's what i want you to do.

>> these are classic charleston -style window boxes.

>> mint juleps for the winner.

>> you plant your window boxes.

>> we're going to go, kathy, one reason we do this, in pots, you can change them out easy. look at that.

>> this is a maiden hair.

>> the trouble is not enough room in this pot.

>> i want color in there.

>> i can't plop it in we'll work it out.

>> the blue motif.

>> where's the moss?

>> you go the some moss.

>> i need the pretty blue.

>> lord a-mercy. [ buzzer ]