TODAY   |  May 02, 2013

KLG, Hoda are feeling ‘genteel’ in Charleston

Kathie Lee and Hoda get a tour of the beautiful streets and homes of Charleston, S.C., by horse-drawn carriage. They visit the City Market and show off their stylish outfits and headgear.

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>> we had a chance to explore the beautiful city, we found out the southern way is really a college town .

>> beautiful.

>> really beautiful.

>> i love it.

>> we need to see more of it.

>> what should we do?

>> i don't know how people around here get around.

>> what do charlestonnians do, hoda?

>> well, well, well. well hi, ladies, are you lost?

>> yes.

>> well hop aboard.

>> tha you.

>> we will.

>> i'll show you our beautiful town.

>> watch your big behind.

>> i'm much bigger.

>> this is so convenient.

>> i'm linda jones .

>> hi, linda, how are you.

>> are you a native charlestonian?

>> i am.

>> let's go.

>> giddy-up.

>> what is charleston best known for?

>> hospitality.

>> how long have these buildings been standing?

>> that building we passed was my great grandmother's, that was 1890 .

>> the year frank was born.

>> the next four houses, 1831 .

>> and that's fort sumpter .

>> that's crazy.

>> where the civil war started.

>> this is like a walk through history.

>> that was a glorious tour.

>> get a taste of a beautiful charleston .

>> i still don't feel like we are fitting in.

>> i do think i have a few things in my closet that might help.

>> hoda, i smell something in the air.

>> what is it?

>> i believe it is -- gentile.

>> there's something missing.

>> something just isn't quite right.

>> we saw it in the window and we just had to have it.

>> i love my outfit. you look good in yours.

>> bless your heart. i was thinking i did, too.

>> you look crazy.

>> oh look, a bench.

>> what are you doing on my property?

>> we're with nbc news.

>> you need something cold to drink. we've got something special for you.

>> i've got a little something to spice it up.

>> look what daddy gave me.

>> now this is something for you.

>> we call it charleston tea. there you are.

>> cheers.

>> the doctor said honey you peed enough!

>> she is so funny.

>> i wish we had some more friends to hang around with.

>> if you go down to the city market . you'll find a lot of friends.

>> we're here among the people.

>> but we need to be more with the people, hoda.

>> a sesame seed cookie.

>> delicious.

>> hey.

>> good afternoon to you, sir.

>> i feel like a vision of loveliness.

>> you're not.

>> peanut man.

>> these are five peanuts.

>> hey hey !

>> hey hey !

>> i do declare i have worked up quite a thirst.

>> we have got you some sweet tea .

>> i love some sweet tea .

>> here's to charleston and charlestonians.

>> you look ridiculous.

>> i feel pretty.

>> we need to thank everybody at drayton hall .

>> i thought our piece was perfect.

>> i thought i smelled an emmy. but i believe it was a fart.

>> we thought you would think that was funny.