TODAY   |  May 02, 2013

10 entertainment, style, beauty things to try in May

Kate Dimmock of People StyleWatch has the scoop on what you should be doing and trying in the month of May, including which new movies and music you don’t want to miss and the hottest fashion and beauty trends.

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>>> really want you to know about in the month of may when it comes to entertainment, beauty, fashion. the fashion director of "people's style watch." good to see you.

>> good to see you too.

>> i love this list. starting out, the "great gatsby."

>> finally, right? we've been waiting for so long. it comes out may 10th . but it's already had this huge influee on fashion. apparently a big fan of brooks brothers so they did a special collection for men that's inspired by the movie. we have this great photo hat for $55.

>> it's just the classic glamour.

>> well, it's that roaring '20s vibe, that flapper look for women and this kind of more classic look for guys.

>> i love that. i saw it in the window, it looked amazing. next up in music, new album from she and him.

>> i know. i love she and him, this is their third album. this will get you in the mood for summer. great kind of vintage inspired pop songs . it's super fun. she's got a beautiful voice.

>> fantastic.

>> so it's a good record to try.

>> okay. eyewear. i'm sorry --

>> no. lauren graham has written her first novel.

>> "some day some day maybe." it's a story of a young actress in new york in the '90s.

>> trying to make it in the big city .

>> exactly. and time to grab your sunnies. it's warm out.

>> reflected mirror?

>> the mirrored lens is the big trend for the summer. these are $99. but super big trend if you're going to buy new sunglasses.

>> and on our face in fashion.

>> exactly. this is a really exciting website we found at people's style watch. you join, become a member, get deals, get information from beauty influencers. check it out and they have this great lipstick, which is the color of the season.

>> get a membership and --

>> and you'll get great offers.

>> next up on your list. is it the jewelry?

>> we're going to do this, nails, nails, nails. i'm sure you've noticed the explosion of nail art. this book's about $11 and allows you to do it yourself. save a little money, little time and do crazy nails on your own.

>> adorable.

>> now we go to the three --

>> you must be really excited about this.

>> i'm all about the '80s coming back.

>> we're calli it the knuckle ring or half ring. they're about $28, but you sit the ring sort of right here. you've seen celebs like rihanna wearing it. it's a great new way to wear rings. we call it the ring party.

>> you load them up?

>> but they stop short of your knuckle. it's the new look. you'll see it all summer long.

>> and these are georgetown cupcakes, i know this a mile way a.

>> which we die for.

>> yeah.

>> it's not too late to celebrate mother's day. they deliver nationwide, $29, they'll get there in time.

>> great gift for mom.

>> another great thing, florals.

>> if there's one dress this summer the printed sheathe is a great thing to wear to work. and we're super excited about this collaboration. millie who is known for her fun print is collaborating with banana republic , $79 for the blouse, $55 for the shorts, but it's super fun, great little pop to add to the wardrobe.