TODAY   |  May 02, 2013

Low heels, high fashion: The hottest mid-rise heels

If you’re tired of squeezing your feet into sky-high stilettos, you may be in luck this season. Chassie Post of shows off some of the hottest mid-rise heel styles, including bold colored suede and sleek pointed toes.

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>>> this morning on "today's style," low heels, high fashion . if you're tired of squeezing your feet into the painful stilettos, you may be in luck.

>> you can climb down out of the r rafters and give your feet a break. low is hot this season.

>> wt goes up, must come down even in fashion. the hottest shoes iffer spring mid and low heels. that's right, the kitten heel is back.

>> every single designer seems to be doing a version of low heels.

>> at saks fifth avenue, 1 to 2 inch heels are everywhere.

>> we are definitely carrying more and more of the heel height in all silhouett in prints, different patterns, exotic details.

>> it's a trend many women can appreciate.

>> all about those low high heels .

>> you can't walk in the other shoes. and you know what, you look really strange walking in those shoes.

>> mid heel is perfect.

>> it's nicer weather, you want to walk about town.

>> fashion trends aren't always realistic, but this one is sort of a win/win, people like the way it looks but it's also practical and comfortable.

>> we have the lifestyle editor for good morning.

>> good morning.

>> our feet, our backs, our hips are thanking you for this segment.

>> these heels are sensible yet still sexy and i'm a total convert. i've been wearing mid heels and i've jogged to the "today" show today.

>> yeah.

>> a lot of high-end designers are getting in on this.

>> yes, thankfully. giving us a break. even sarah jessica parker who is the poster child for high heels . she's moving the stiletto aside and going to the low heel.

>> okay. so colored suede. colors all over the runway and now we can wear them in a comfortable mid heel. these sort of bright pinks and neons and this little shoe, this is just 2 inches and still so cute. and then great, you know, classic pumps in more jewel tones.

>> now we have some t-strap sandals.

>> t-strap sandals are everywhere. if you've got a closed toe, but it goes in a sandal. these are amazing studs from zara. this is super fancy.

>> very rock star .

>> very rock star and just like 1 3/4. you can party all night.

>> and you got a little bit of lift to make the leg look good.

>> a little bit of lift.

>> the pointy toe, it's major. looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker. love that commercial. you know, for $15 you can get a great neon from h & m and love these ivanka trump . and very business and in fresh new colors.

>> very cute. you have the stacked heel.

>> stacked heel.

>> that's a marathon running heel right there.

>> yes. absolutely. the stacked heel, you know, talk about support. it really gives it to you. and there are many moods in a stacked heel. for the squared heel, it goes really '60s. but for the tapered heel, we've got our jazz pump. and then you can go '70s too with this great sort of acrylic silver heel and mixed materials from leopard. these are really fun.

>> and last but not least. comfortable to walk around for the kids or just a leisurely weekend.

>> the wedge is making aig comeback. and it's a little bit more casual.

>> you don't fall as often.

>> well, i've fallen off wedges.

>> one big thing to note, it's all about the single sole. platforms are disappearing, but with the mid heel height, theye very comfortable.

>> dresses, jeans, shorts, whatever.

>> and we love it with that maxi skirt and so cute with shorts.

>> tamron i've never seen in a mid heel.

>> we'll see what happens.

>> i'm buying one of these so i can be in style. i've been converted.

>> we're going to be watching.