TODAY   |  May 02, 2013

Carla Bruni opens up about motherhood, politics

Maureen Orth of Vanity Fair talks about her recent interview with French first lady Carla Bruni, who spoke candidly about being a mother later in life, politics, and her life as Mrs. Nicolas Sarkozy.

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>>> we're back now, 8:37 with an inside look at one of the world's most interesting ladies. the former first lady of france carla bruni . she's been turning heads since her recent days as a model. she opened up to " vanity fair " about her role as mrs. nicholas sarkozy . her interview with bruni is featured in this month's issue. always good to see you. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you interviewed her back in 2008 , i think it was. why would you want to revisit her?

>> she's been first lady of france and she has a new album out called "little french songs" and she plays on her guitar with that breathy sexy voice. so i thought it was a good time to talk to her because she had a baby at age 43, and she's done a lot of stuff.

>> it's just my opinion. but based on the things i read about her over the years, i got the feeling she was somewhat uncomfortable with life as first lady of france with all the attention that surrounded that. is that a fair assessment?

>> i think she said it was an honor to represent france and i think france is very happy to have someone as elegant as she was wearing their clothes around the world, et cetera . but i think she's really much mo of a kind of a reclusive home body type, which doesn't seem possible, but i think that's what she is.

>> with the media, though, in france , there seems to be a bit of a love/hate relationship. i remember they were nasty to her. she gained 40 pounds when she was pregnant. in the media they were calling her fat, which was ridiculous.

>> yeah, this is a woman who has lived by her looks her whole life. here she was at a very vulnerable point in her life. nursing her baby, had to wake up every two hours at night and be on the campaign trail and they were saying how bad she was. and she said the americans were the worst, by the way.

>> i also remember the press having this theory about her that once nicholas sarkozy was no longer president, she was going to dump him.

>> i know. and she thinks that's crazy. she said that power actually bought them together because it makes you so vulnerable because you have opportunities with it but it also, you know, you get attacked. and she really is into her family and wanting to be protected and not alone.

>> what about him? what's his future hold?

>> well, he's dying to get back into the political arena.

>> but it's a messy situation.

>> it's a very messy situation. he's being investigated in five different issues right now. and he's really in one of them accused of taking campaign funds illegally. he's one step away from what we would consider indictment. but he's already said that he wants to get back in because the president holland is not very popular.

>> she openly admits she's in therapy and says it plays a huge role in who she is as a person today.

>> she says she wants to be wrinkles without wisdom don't mean anything. and she wants to be wise. and it helps her cope. and she really loves to smooth thin over and make everything very happy and easy for everybody.

>> it should be a fascinating article and it's in the current issue of " vanity fair ."

>> brand new.