TODAY   |  May 02, 2013

‘Office’ star: ‘There were tears’ as finale filmed

Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl Philbin on “The Office,” talks about the series’ finale as well as  his role as the leading man in Tyler Perry’s new film, “Peeples,” in which he has to win over his girlfriend’s family.

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>> you are the leading man in this role.

>> yes, yes indeed. i play a noncertified children's musical therapist. and he owns it. he's in love with his beautiful united nations lawyer girlfriend played by keri washington, and he wants to propose to her. but of course, her faer's a judge and he's having no part.

>> good look for you, by the way. you mentioned david alan greer .

>> absolutely. we had a ball shooting it. we were singing harmony on the set. we weren't singin we were laughing.

>> and it's an exciting time for you. the new movie and an end of an era , "the office." i know you've got big things coming.

>> "the office" is ending after nine years. there were some tears around set. i wasn't crying.

>> you were crying?

>> no. everybody else was.

>> we like men who cry.

>> i was crying.

>> you were.

>> you had the small part, you grew this thing into becoming an integral part of the show.

>> about seizing an opportunity when you get out there. and each time it was a welcome surprise when they moved me up enough. i was very grateful. and i just shot a pilot for nbc. there's that bubble of hope that it gets picked up.

>> bubble of hope.

>> we love daryl, we'll look for the season finale of "the office" on may 16th . great to see you.