TODAY   |  May 02, 2013

Pepsi apologizes for ad after online outcry

The soft-drink giant made waves on social media after online complaints of racism regarding an online Mountain Dew advertisement involving a police lineup. Pepsi has since apologized.

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>>> and two major companies are making waves on social media . look at this one, frontier airlines getting backlash after announcing it will start charging about $2 for coffee and soda and up to $100 for carry-on bags. yes, unless you book directly from them. and pepsi has pulled an online mountain dew ad after complaints of racism. take a look.

>> all right, ma'am, we've got them all lined up. which one is he? point to him.

>> you should have gave me some more.

>> i don't think i can do this.

>> it's easy, just point to him.

>> you better not snitch on a player.

>> so the spot was developed by a rapper. he's also african-american, pepsi has apologized for