TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

7 ways to boost your energy, increase productivity

Petra Kolber from Spry Living says that you can boost your energy by limiting your coffee intake to one cup a day, eating eggs, and cutting back on sugar.

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>>> if you woke up with a case of the yawns this morning, don't worry. we have some solutions to help you boost your energy.

>> it could be as simple as putting down that second cup of coffee . no! we have the contributing editor for "spry" living. whatever you're selling, i'm buying. you look fantastic.

>> when it comes to coffee, you automatically think one cup is good and i feel like the second cup --

>> we're not saying don't drink coffee, but watch how much you're drinking. one or two cups is fine, but when we say cup, it's 8 ounces.

>> it's more of this big baby .

>> we're looking more up to 16, 20, 24, and i want to take coffee on the go, my travel mug , this is 20 ounces.

>> seems wrong not to fill it up. exactly, waste not, want not, and i fill it up. you hit a critical mass and then crashes and burns. nothing wrong with a cup of coffee in the morning, but watch how much, and maybe not reach for it later in the day.

>> eggs in the morning?

>> protein is the keyword. long lasting energy, so egg omelette is fantastic. always lack of time in the morning, so i often boil eggs, take it with me on the gog. a great source of energy, no highs and lows, long and steady.

>> and you don't add cheese to a hard- boiled egg like you're tempted to on a omelette.

>> again, cheese is not a bad thing, but protein, long lasting.

>> there's a lot of sugar.

>> we're just saying stay away from refined sugar . i know when i'm crashing, i think candy bars . so natural fruit, protein bars.

>> without the at tiffs.

>> this one i believe 100%, when you're dehydrated, you're just sluggish.

>> it affects everything, but off out of sight out of mind, 8 times 8, 8 ounces of glass. it's pretty, on your desk, great to go, you'll see it and drink it. these have filters built in.

>> so just fill it up with the tap.

>> especially when you go through security. i truffavel, and this is a great solution.

>> i help organized my desk after getting ready for this segment. a cluttered desk, cluttered mind, low energy.

>> i completely agree.

>> these are great colors, adds pop to your day, pop to your energy, and destress before you hit that first e-mail.

>> get up and move, it's fitting. even these, tame them to your neck, and get up at least once --

>> move it, move it. thank you, petra.

>> come back anytime.

>>> tomorrow we are headed to charleston, south carolina .

>>> have a great day, everybody.