TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

6 quick fixes for fabulous fashion

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas found six women who had good style and gave them simple suggestions to take their look to the next level, such as trying white jeans instead of black, and neutral colors to tone down a look.

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>>> an outfit that looks great on you, but you need a little extra push to make it look even better.

>> here with wardrobe tricks, bobbie thomas. hello, darling.

>> you've been a huge success.

>> i was fighted. we're going to start right away with elisa in new york.

>> she looked good.

>> all of you looked so good.

>> she looks good in her dress, with a cardigan, because it's transition season, but a parity of white pants can give you that -- so that's a way tosh practical and warm, but feel like you're spring.

>> and so good.

>> how about vicki?

>> vicki likes denim.

>> she was all about the denim trend, and denim on denim is back, and she looked good, so she looks so good when you make it darker. a bit of contrast can go a long way.

>> it makes her look thinner, too.

>> it's all about elongating your frame.

>> what about kathy from pennsylvania?

>> kathy from pennsylvania was adorable. she is petite action but there's a lot of personality there. so i wanted to hem her dress. it's a flattering wrap dress , but it's so good when you --

>> it would look good with boots.

>> it can, but i think the knee is a universally flattering length to make you look taller, and using the owner bag with the owner shoe, color pop makes you look up and down.

>> so good.

>> i've been wondering about melissa.

>> all my life i've been.

>> melissa asked about neon, how can i make last season's neon work this season. it's still in, but i think a neutral with a neon makes it not only evergrin and timeless, but better for the office. so i just gave a swap with a neutral beige skirt.

>> or keep the same outfit and get a different office.

>> what about sherrill from montana.

>> big problems, i hear.

>> beautiful sherrill. she was so stunning, i almost didn't know how to help, but i thought, well, i like a comfortable loose blow, but something that anchors it. a statement necklace. this is -- you can see that it makes her look a little leaner on top.

>> you know what it makes her look -- so good!

>>> lastly, remember about kimberly ?

>> kimberly .

>> kimberly from ohio, just has had a beautiful baby girl . i love his her lbd, gorgeous long hair, but i wanted her to put it up. this dress has fuller sleeves, but i did love the dress and the belt.

>> and it is what -- so good!

>> please send them to our website.

>> keep them coming.

>> just the little things .