TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Moms make movie picks for date night, family fun

Jessica Shaw from Entertainment Weekly joins moms Robyn Moreno and Nichelle Pace to suggest movies good for a marital date night, or for family fun with the kids.

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>>> it's time for real moms from tom cruise 's "oblivion" for "42" our team of moms review the hottest movies.

>> and our critics are senior writer for " entertainment weekly " ms. jessica shaw. and brand-new mom robin moreno. and mother of two, nichelle.

>> you're juggling it all. let's talk about "oblivion."

>> tom cruise back in the sci-fi worlds, the aliens destroy the planet. and he's one of the last humans on earth.

>> what age do you think?

>> i feel like everybody. it's pg-13. i liked it because it's tom cruise . there's also gizmo and also very beautiful. the cinematography with the same person that did " life of pi ."

>> or it could be the -- definitely good for kids that are like 10-plus.

>> and the actress olga skier yenno -- i just saw her -- she's gorgeous.

>> i think -- if tom cruise weren't in it, i think --

>> we're looking at clips of him like with a huge gun blowing everything away. it's violent.

>> there was a lot of violence, but not as much on the people side as you may think.

>> the jackie robinson story, a historical account or close to it.

>> this is a terrific movie, and harrison ford --

>> it's a great cast, unknown guy playing jackie, though.

>> he's amazing.

>> what i think is good when you take your kids, they're just seeing where jackie robinson , he goes out onto the field and people are yelling at him ugly stuff, an there's a scene where this father with his child yelling horrible things and the kid looks around scared and he starts doing it, and you're like holy cow , that's where it comes from. does that make sense?

>> very big life lessons in the whole thing. beyond race, the whole thing is a very coming of age story and how you see yourself and how you get motivated. that's a big part of what branch rickey does.

>> real heroes, too.

>> what i find is the language that's used. the shame is you don't want your kids to learn history, but some of the language is so aggressive and difficult, those kids should be learning about this probably aren't going to be going.

>> and it's the kind of movie i would have a talk with your children before you go. it's incredibly disturbing, and, you know, it's educational, historical, but talk to your kids before.

>> a minute left for " scary movie 5 ."

>> charlie sheen , they start off in bed. not good.

>> the first three minutes, it's over --

>> it's really not violent. they have done well. this one is just it really needs to put the cap on it.

>> it's just very crude.

>> one of you said it's just for the teen --

>> but i don't think teens need any more of this garbage, either.

>> thank you for your insight.