TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

6 ways to indulge in dessert healthily

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom explains that you don’t have to completely eliminate desserts from your diet to lose weight. She says you can downsize your serving size, use lighter versions of ingredients, and try dried fruit for a sugar fix.

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>>> we're back on this wines-day wednesday.

>>> and the special seer aye drop ten pounds by memorial day to help you look your best.

>> one of easiest way to help you lose a pound a week is choosing wisely when choosing a dessert.

>> madeline is here with us.

>> hey, honey.

>> we can satisfy the sweet tooth .

>> you have to have dessert. it's all about not being deprived. first, when you're in a restaurant where desserts are huge, the easiest way to cut calories is share it with two or three people. there's enough for three or four people.

>> and take a little bite and pass it. how many people say i just don't want fruit to the -- so fruit can support a more indulgent dessert have a piece of your cake, so if you're home, do one of two things, depending on your temperament. this is 100 calories of two or i don'ts, or the or i don't crisps.

>> s these good?

>> they're cute.

>> and you feel like you're getting more.

>> it's all mental. now, you can also, instead of downsizing, lighten up ingredients.

>> like what, matlin?

>> like vanilla wafers , these servings are about 130 calories, you can also eat less, but you can get more when you cut the fat and cut the sugar.

>> and dip them in something.

>> exactly.

>> and if you're baking at home, replace a lot of the fat with applesauce or yogurt. developed here at nbc universal are the eat smart brownies made with less sugar, yogurt, about 120 calories, and it's small, but it's very indulgent. people will say that looks teeny.

>> i like that, because it's not too sweet. that's delicious.

>> and we're not cutting out all of the fact. and with frozen desserts, you can single serve. that's good. look for things lower in sugar, lower in fat.

>> these are awesome.

>> you can find whatever you like in any flavor.

>> i'm eating hoda's crumbs.

>> you can prepare some things like, if you like apple pie or peach buy, take an apple, slice it up, it takes like apple pie filling.

>> put some cinnamon on it?

>> a little cinnamon, a little nutmeg, and angel food case is a great choice.

>> really low in calories.

>> if you like chocolate, have a little dip.

>> a dip. don't overdo it.

>> people really love chocolate and sugar. there are some low calorie ways from 20 calories to 140 calories of what you can do. you can have a low-calorie pudding, you can have some chocolate-dipped strawberries, even some mini size candies if it's not a trigger for you. some will have a little tootsie roll and then can't stop. now these big bars of chocolate. this is a serving, one square.

>> but that's also dark chocolate .

>> but that's a bit of a health food imposter, if you like it, great, or try low-calorie hot chocolate . fruit is nature's candy. when you have some dried fruit , it concentrates it. you might like it or not.

>> is it the same calories.

>> it has more calories per weight, because you're taking the water out, so be careful. or eat some fresh fruit . you can also have some sugarless gum or mints, one teeny lollipop 15 calories for many people that's enough. swedish fish ? these are the best.

>> and you can eat the whole thing i want you know what works sometimes if you're tempted, i go and brush my teeth. the freshness in your mouth, i don't need that.

>> that's a great closure for your meal. your dessert, brush your teeth and you're done --

>> o. instead. you weren't listening.

>> i wasn't listening carefully.

>> in tips on how you're dropping ten pounds on memorial day ?

>> we would love to hear from you.

>> it's the hashtag thing. has