TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Smartphone beauty: App doubles as makeup artist

TODAY’s Sara Haines demonstrates two useful apps for your smartphone: Beauty Mark, a virtual makeup artist to help you get a glam look, and Handy Man DIY, which assists you during home improvement projects.

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>>> it's time to get happy, with the hottest app.s and web sites .

>> you have two app.s that make a makeup artist in your pocket and andyman in your home.

>> how many -- this is an app. called beauty mark , $2.99 one-time fee. you pop in here, you pick your skin tone, and then you slide these along, let's say you want a dark lip, and you click on it, it giving you written directions and the tutorial.

>> on how to do it.

>> so no excuses.

>> no excuses. and then she'll also recommend how they have certain brushes. there's a lift if you want them, certain products.

>> how about the handyman in the house?

>> this will come in place. handyman diy, $1.99 in the app. store. it has a i want willed list of how to, from changing a leaky fossett it also allows you to -- so if you're shopping for a new couch or you need to estimate how much paint you need. it needs tasks and about, handyman diy.

>> thank you, sarah.

>> i found that interesting.