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TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Kevin Jonas: ‘Tough’ doing reality show with wife

Pop singer Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle star in the E! reality show “Married to Jonas.” Kevin tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that the show has helped their relationship grow, but admits there are tough moments when the cameras are always rolling.

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>>> the e- reality show "married to jonas" follows the career of kevin jonas and his wife danielle.

>> this week we find out if they're still one big happy family when danielle's parents move in.

>> how much are you bringing in? it's a kitchen.

>> china. i thought maybe you needed more dishes and stuff.

>> i thought it was just going ton clothes.

>> aren't you going to give me a section in the kitchen?

>> absolutely not.

>> what? oh!

>> hi, guys.

>> trouble in paradise .

>> even when i put away the dishes in the wrong place, i get it. so i can only imagine what was going through her head.

>> what led up to your parents moving in.

>> why are they doing that?

>> they actually sold their house, and their house that they were building was not ready yet.

>> so there was some down time.

>> it's a temporary thing.

>> how long has it been?

>> two months now?

>> yeah.

>> no wonder you tour.

>> it's -- they're kind of like when the guests don't ever want to be an imposition, so they are like never around.

>> perfect houseguests.

>> but sometimes come upstairs and hang out.

>> that's sweet.

>> you would hope the show would strengthen your relationship. we wondered, because a lot of couples, it doesn't end up so well.

>> it doesn't end up well at all.

>> hopefully -- we've actually -- we really have grown as a couple through this. there have been tough moments. doing a show like this is definitely hard. sometimes you look back and realize how much of a jerk you can be.

>> you forget the cameras are there?

>> yeah sometimes.

>> by the way, your dog is so cute.

>> yeah.

>> a brand-new puppy, too.

>> i heard.

>> what kind is the little white one?

>> that's a maltese, macy. the other is a morkie.

>> do they get along?

>> they do now.

>> are they puppies or older?

>> they're older.

>> 2 and 3.

>> is that practice for a little baby?

>> i hope so, you know.

>> you have to practice. you're not too good with it.

>> are the cameras rolling?

>> yeah. no, i'm not very good at it. for me, like, the potty training thing has stiff been difficult.

>> they're 2 and 3 and not potty trained yet? what am i saying?

>> you're at home, i'm on tour. huh-uh.

>> i think she goes on tour with you.

>> exactly.

>> blame it on your parents. they're the ones at home.

>> how is it going on tour with him. i can only imagine the girls are screaming, how do you deal with that?

>> i love it, especially the summer tour , because the bus, and you get your own little home on wheels. but with all the girls there, they're fun to be around. i actually like to go and stand with them, but now it's a bit harder, because people know.

>> we definitely have our own thing, but it's nice that we have that bond. i love -- whenever she's there, it make me feel like a whole piece.

>> how is the tour going?

>> it's good. we're back on the road in july 10th ,