TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Spring beauty: Trendy way to highlight your eyes

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows off an eyeliner that will give your eyes a highlighted look, a skin collection that helps cover up blemishes, and an easy way to take off toenail polish.

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>> you know what it's time for? bob bie's --

>> i'm excited about this chanel collection. color eye shadow and liner is a big trend i think people see and think i can't wear it, but this is a great new collection. feel this, a cool water blast of color, and they have this bright yellow, but it just goes on ever so subtle. but then next, i know a lot of women are, when it comes to the warm weather, insecure about showing off their legs or arms, especially ifsh dermablend is a fantastic collection. they have a full leg and body coverage, but this will cover the most boldest tattoos, and somebody i flipped for, have you ever tried to take the polish off crier toes, but get it on the manicure. why didn't i think of this? the the cotton ball in