TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Hoda: Frenchman who says bras are bad is a ‘freak’

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about a study out of France that says bras may actually be harmful to women over time. KLG and Hoda joke that the man behind the study is “sicko” and “freak,” and warn that things could get dangerous if they went without bras.

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>>> "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb , from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> hello, everybody. mayday, it's wines-day wednesday, may 1st .

>> we are so pumped. we have a big trip tomorrow to charleston, south carolina . gorgeous there.

>> yes, we have big important news to discuss on the bra front.

>> it's very big.

>>> for those of you who struggled with bras and felt so constraining, a new study is out that says bras are bad, a study from france that says they're a false necessity.

>> i think that depending on who you're talking to.

>> some guy did a 15-year study.

>> some sicko.

>> some crazy freak.

>> some fetish guy.

>> and he looked at women's breasts from the ages of 18 and 35.

>> okay. he's smart, too.

>> he says the benefits of a bra -- they actually -- it stock markets y -- stops you from developing muscles and things that would keep you perky.

>> i don't know -- there's always been controversy about it. first of all, they say not even for working out, do you need it?

>> that's the most ridiculous comments.

>> every woman's mouth went to the floor. my gosh, you could hurt yourself depending on what size you are. you could put your eyes out.

>> they said the gravity thing isn't the case, like you don't really need your bra to stop the force of gravity.

>> some kinky frenchman, let's just be honest.

>> he thinks you should be building muscle mass .

>> here's the bad part. it's too late. if you have worn bras in your life, and i was made to, because, you know -- i --

>> did you ever go without?

>> when i was younger, yeah. i didn't need one like i need them now, baby. wait for machienopause. i have just fallen in love with this bra. it was just sitting here. joe boxer . it is the softest.

>> it's like wearing a t-shirt.

>> it's not overly padded.

>> it's fantastic.

>> and the straps are thing, not thick and bulky, and you probably won't have back fat.

>> we love this. we tried to tell you yesterday, but we ran out of time --

>> this is such a great story.

>> a lot of people have different opinions. apparently the latest thing can you do.

>> this is called breast milk jewelry.

>> that's right.

>> say it again so they know you're not kidding.

>> jewelry.

>> inside the brace lett, and especially on this side, as these trinkets.

>> from rhode island --

>> i guess you give your breast milk to --

>> it's important to use your own.

>> they take what you have given them and turn them into works of art . here's little hands and a little star and a little moon.

>> she molds it into a shape like a heart or a star, and makes it a pendant.

>> you can wear it around your neck between $64 and $125.

>> for the rest of your life. long after you have dried up, betsy.

>> betsy?

>> you feel like a cow.

>> you were wondering who was interested in this. apparently there's a ten-week waiting list, which is a couple months. i guess people are kind of interested in it.

>> this other company is called mom -- milk mom they offer lockets and do do it yourself kits.

>> we're not trying to put them down. it just seemed unusual to us. that's all.

>> we did a poll with nbc or the "today" show or something, and i guess around 19 or 10, a small percentage thought it was cool.

>> 5% said it would be a nice keepsake.

>> everybody else said it was strange. if you're the 5% --

>> i think it's one of those individual things. you know, there are all kinds of body fluids , as you know, hoda.

>> what do you mean?

>> i wonder where this is going to stop, if you know what i'm saying.

>> remember when angelina jolie wore a vial of her boyfriend's blood.

>> billy bob --

>> billy ray .

>> bobbi sue was the name of the doggy that got adopted. apparently we're all babies and boobs today, people. call your neighbors.

>>> remember the groundbreaking technology at the time? well, they have a brand-new one. these little babies .

>> that were rappers on roller skates.

>> this is the old one.

>> wait. i forgot this, so let's watch it.

>> it's still too cute.

>> i love that.

>> this is before the e*trade baby.

>> you know this song?

>> everybody knows that song.

>> i guarantee you, my mother doesn't know it.

>> all right.

>> we want to see the new one.

>>> they're just releasing it.

>> like their younger selves.

>> look at that. that is adorable. that is brilliant. i understand these folks have given us the baby treatment as well.

>> they did?

>> um-hmm.

>> who is that?

>> i don't know. that looks like my baby picture. i'll take it, it look more like one of tammy's daughters. where's hoda?

>> careful. you know what? i'm totally into her.

>> she's adorable. how cute.

>> all righty.

>> well, you know what? time takes its toll. it's not how you start out, it's how you finish. look how gorgeous you are.

>>> there's a story of this little girl , 6 years old --

>> here's what happened. there's a school in texas. she's supposed to go to school every day, obviously kindergarten. her parents drop her off late, because they have another child at home.

>> brand-new baby.

>> late the first time, the second time. on the third time the teacher says you have to make sure you get your child here on time, but anyway, and what happened was the child showed up late again.

>> and what they do to children that are late more than three times -- on the third time, they give you a little detention. they punish the child by making them spend time alone during lunch area.

>> so it was a question about should the child be penalized.

>> for the sins of the parents.

>> but the parents were told two times already please have your child show up on time, and what is the school to do? what should the school do then, if not that?

>> okay. so her parents have come forward to say the olympia elementary school in universal city , florida, wrong to give her detention. they say, listen, we are the ones responsible to get her to school , we're the ones who blew it, we have a new baby at home.

>> here's the thing.

>> i do think on the third time -- i know a lot of people have not just two children. they have lots of kids and manage to get their kids to school . i just think three times is a pattern, right?

>> shouldn't they punish the parents and not the child ?

>> what would they do?

>> charge them or something? i don't know. it seems wrong to me. tase them, yeah.

>> all right. you know what?

>> we would love to know what you think. i don't think it's right that the child , who can't get to school on her own anyway. she doesn't drive, she can't probably walk to school , she's too young. she's got to depend upon her parents.

>> most kids who are late, it's their parents' fault.

>> would you keep your kid home, would you just keep them home and lie and say they're sick? you're adding another layer.

>> you know what it's time for? bob bie's --

>> i'm excited about this chanel collection. color eye shadow and liner is a big trend i think people see and think i can't wear it, but this is a great new collection. feel this, a cool water blast of color, and they have this bright yellow, but it just goes on ever so subtle. but then next, i know a lot of women are, when it comes to the warm weather, insecure about showing off their legs or arms, especially ifsh dermablend is a fantastic collection. they have a full leg and body coverage, but this will cover the most boldest tattoos, and somebody i flipped for, have you ever tried to take the polish off crier toes, but get it on the manicure. why didn't i think of this? the the cotton ball in the doo-dah.

>>> time for the baby of the week.

>> when we celebrate the new additions to families. first up in logan robert gardner , born on march 17th , also known as st. patrick's day. mom says he was born with more hair than his proud papa. i'm sure he appreciate you saying that. sophia marjorie bell made her big debut on february 19th . mom and dad advise to always expect the unexpected. our third baby of the week is happy and lincoln michael rude, born on march 22nd to shauna and jay rude in arizona. mom and daal call him their miracle baby and are enjoying the beautiful gift they have been given. if you want your baby to be considered for baby of the week. go to our website for details.