TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Trim years off your appearance with a new hairdo

While some opt for Botox and cosmetic procedures as they age, John Frieda hairstylist Harry Josh shows how you can take a decade off your age with just a pair of scissors.

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>>> this morning on "today's style," trimming years off your look with a new do. harry josh is john freda stylist. you can cut ten years off your look.

>> at least ten years. we have women in their 40s, 50s, going into 60s and i swear these girls -- women look 15 years younger.

>> they look like hot girls .

>> they certainly do.

>> allison, a mom of two, who's in her 40s. let's see her before shot. nothing wrong with it but a little pizazz won't hurt anyone. and here's allison now. what did you do?

>> i mean, we took -- when you get to your 40s, people think botox, wrinkles, frown lines. they want to lose everything they can. forget all that. get yourself a nice bang. it's face-framing, ties everything --

>> bangs are hot right now for obvious reasons.

>> jessica is rocking them. it removes the eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles and you can throw it up in a ponytail.

>> you still get the versatility. a lot of women believe when you get the bangs, you're stuck.

>> it's a wash and wear, pop it up, put in a ponytail.

>> now, where do you hit the line with your brow?

>> right at the brow. if you go too above the brow, it looks too junior. you look like a little kid. you want to keep it long, mysterious, sexy.

>> you look absolutely beautiful. let's move on to nadia, she's in her 50s, curly hair . check it out.

>> what's happening here, women with curly hair , frizzy hair, never known a texture change can take years off their life. what ends up happening, this will last her a full week, buzz curly, thick hair does not every get oily.

>> my hair is very curly when i don't have it blown out.

>> if she goes in one hour a week at a salon and gets a great blow dry, it will give her time to shine, take years off.

>> it looks so sultry.

>> gives a lot of glamour and youth. that's what women want to do, look glamorous, young, beautiful.

>> she never colored her hair?

>> she never colored her hair either. we got rid of the gray. i'm not a fan of gray hair, even if you have a handful. until you have solid gray, then can you rock it.

>> bonnie in her 60s from south carolina . let's take a look at the before. and wheel her around. bonnie today.

>> isn't that unbelievable?

>> yes!

>> just changing her hair color just took years off her. she was always in kind of a natural blond but the bright blond is really what she needed.

>> it's not a huge transformation. something she can get used to but it's hot.

>> it really, really pops. the color is amazing. you just see how luxurious that is and the shine factor is everything.

>> what about keeping it long? there's this old notion we should cut our hair --

>> absolutely, she's in her 60s. her hair is incredible. it would be a shame into a short bob that every woman in that age range think they need. sarah jessica parker , women rock it.

>> you look amazing. i hope you have something fun planned for lunch to rock that