TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Hilary Duff: Motherhood has given me confidence

The actress, singer, and songwriter talks to Willie Geist about her most rewarding job of all: motherhood. She also discusses the release of her new novel, “Elixir,” and her charitable work helping children.

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>> you know hilary duff as actress, singer, songwriter but now playing her best role yet, mother to her 1-year-old son. congratulations, first of all.

>> thank you.

>> you got through the first year.

>> i survived.

>> what did you learn over the last year?

>> oh, my gosh. so much your life changes so quickly, but a lot of confidence. a lot of intuition that just kicks in that you listen to, that you maybe didn't know you had before. and you obviously learn a lot of patience. but also i feel like my heart just swelled and i didn't know i could love something so much and that keeps getting more intense and intense and intense as he grows older. it's been a lot of new things.

>> do you find it humbling, i certainly did with my two kids, you're a famous singer, you're an actress. luca does not care about any of that. he has to get his diaper changed, he wants to eat, be up for a feeding.

>> oh, yeah, it's his world. we're just living in it.

>> you're just living with luca's world.

>> yes. i love it. it's humbling. but it's all about him.

>> it should be.

>> yes.

>> you're doing great work to help other mothers and their children working with johnson & johnson .

>> i am. it was so great when i became a mom, wanting to focus more on programs that help new moms and babies because it is such a wonderful but difficult time in your life. so johnson's baby care , their whole campaign is to give new moms support and encouragement. you can go on the website, which is and you create a care card for like a mother in need that you feel needs encouragement and support. and every card shared, liked or sent, they donate $1 to save the children . which is amazing and have wonderful programs like early childhood education .

>> we should point out you're a paid spokesperson for johnson & johnson . and the support system is to critical, even for someone like you who has resources, you have to have people around you.

>> oh, yeah.

>> because it's a day-to-day battle, let's be honest?

>> just a simple phone call or someone dropping off food, but it is such a tough job. it 's wonderful and really challenging some days and moms need support.

>> let's talk about what you're working on now. i know your third book in the trilogy is out.

>> yes.

>> you've taken on a role in "two and a half men" that a lot of people wouldn't have expected to see you in.

>> it was a blast. i'm obsessed with the show. the writers are incredible, the actors are incredible on that show. i get to play a crazy junk party girl ashton's girlfriend. it was the season finale so it was a big deal for me to be on that show.

>> has the baby changed the way you look at your career? in other words, it's more important for you to be home with the baby than running off to a set or taking a job or thinking about your trajectory?

>> i basically don't want to leave the house anymore because i don't want to miss anything but obviously, you know, that's not possible. now the first year's under my belt, i feel like i can get out and spread my wings a little bit and focus more on work. obviously, i want to be choosey with my projects because this is such a critical time in his life and i don't want to miss anything.

>> congratulations to you. happy early mother's day.