TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Anchors laud Yahoo for new parental leave rule

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including Yahoo’s new policy of giving new mothers 16 weeks of paid leave; Willie says the “norm is so low” for maternity leave in the U.S.

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>>> day of may, 2013 . gorgeous start to the month here in new york city . inside studio 1 -a, i'm willie geist , tamron hall , al roker , natalie is on assignment this morning. i want to get to -- earlier we ran. matt sat down with the carjacking victim surrounding the boston marathon . a man who goes by the nickname danny. he describes his ordeal and how he escaped when those brothers stopped him at a gas station . watch this.

>> when he sat at the store, so i saw there was only one of them in the car.

>> if you're going to escape, it had to be quick.

>> yeah.

>> what did you have to do?

>> i was thinking, i unfasten my seat belt and open the door .

>> with your left hand you undid the seat belt , with the right hand you open that door and you took off.

>> i took off.

>> did you hear him react to you opening that door?

>> he tried to grab me, i can feel, he was trying to grab me.

>> he tried to -- with this hand, he tried to grab your back?

>> yes.

>> but just missed you?

>> just missed me. it was very close. i can feel it.

>> unbelievable.

>> what he's describing is the end of the 90-minute ordeal, where he's been taken around. they say, we're the two brothers who carried out this act in boston. so he knows this whole time they're willing to take a life. they have killed people. they've told him they've killed people. so for him to make that escape, i think he probably felt it was his last chance and he didn't know what their next move was.

>> it was interesting. we had a seminar here at the "today" show about how they changed the thinking. you don't hide. either fight or flight . he chose flight.

>> i took a personal self-defense class, they say if something like this happens, god forbid , you run. this guy is obviously still suffering from the trauma of all of that and then, you know, having to testify a little bit later. matt said he's planning to testify, but right now he wants to keep his identity a secret. he just wants to, perhaps, deal with this before court dates that he will have to participate in.

>> i think he's afraid his identity will come to light afterwards.

>> it will once he goes to court.

>> it plays out like a movie. imagine you take over to take a text message and you've been hearing all week long about these guys on the news and the next thing you know, they're in your backseat.

>> you play it over in your mind, what if i had done this, this, stopped at this light.

>> he talked about them loading something in the back of the car. he later found out they were putting in explosives, which was another pressure cooker they ended up hurling at police in the back of that vehicle as well.

>> you have to say, too, it's easy within the context of class to say, yes, flight, just run away , but you're there with two guys who are there with a gun in your back.

>> and willing to kill you and you know it. my goodness.

>> you can watch it on, fascinating interview.

>>> marissa mayer again making news for employee policy. she now has upped maternity leave at yahoo! where she is the ceo from eight weeks paid to 16 weeks. that is a lot of time off after childbirth. dads, in fact, can take eight weeks off paid. both parents can take eight weeks paid for new children, adoption, foster child , placement or surrogacy. she caught a lot of heat when she started because she took away telecommunicating, can't work from home . this goes the other way, 16 weeks is above and beyond what most companies do. although in silicon valley , they're pretty generous with their time. facebook does 18 to 22 weeks.

>> she took two weeks off and that was a big scandal. she just started in this new position. i'm sure she was conflicted, i'm hope she was conflicted like so many parents, when do you go back? you have to earn the money to take care of your child but you don't want to leave your child. other countries, my friend works in paris, incredible amount of time to bond with her child and not the fear of losing your job or fear of the money not coming in. we have people who extend maternity leave but they don't get paid.

>> she works through the two-week maternity break, i think it created this unrealistic approach for many parents. but they're giving her basically $500 -- giving employees $500 for greeoceries, babysitters, so i think the next logical step.

>> i wonder if people feel pressure to come back if the boss only took two weeks, even though they extended this. that kind of field, is there pressure, like in many fields.

>> can you be seen like a slacker? you go in, you know she took only two weeks, you think i need -- well, maybe i don't.

>> you're intimidated.

>> the norm in this country is so low. i called my wife before this because i wanted to rebe reminded of what she had. she had six weeks, not at full pay. this was for a major corporation. then she had to take her own vacation time to turn it into three months somehow.

>> you're piecemealing it together. we talk about how important family is and how it is right to nurture and love our kids, butter thbut then the companies we work for, some we love, some we don't, but you have to get back to your gig.

>> conflict there.

>> no, just yin and yang, black and white .

>> ebony and ivory .

>> i almost broke into song. why when you hear that phrase you want to break into that song?

>> let's go to our take three, talking stubble here, of course. a study out of australia finds women with men and stubble attractive. like ten days' growth.

>> like "duck dynasty."

>> i love that.

>> the three of us, we're out.

>> we're done. we got nothing.

>> you're okay because you're smooth. it's when a guy has that little chicken -- piecemeal, word of the day -- a little hair here, there. women don't like that. but apparently when you have it all grown in, it makes us feel like you're masculine.

>> like gerard butler --

>> he can have anything he wants. let's think of someone more average.

>> george clooney ?

>> yeah, he's average.

>> completely average.

>> i'm talking, they grow it in so nicely.

>> that?

>> no. i like the plain one.

>> that's full beard .

>> i don't like that.

>> i like the plain clooney. he looks older with the -- okay, i like the hairy affleck.

>> that's a beard.

>> that's a beard.

>> here's my bigger issue with this, guys, why can't you like us ladies when our legs -- it would save us money from shaving. stubbly legs so we don't have to spend money on waxing. start loving that. . oh, what is that?

>> maybe i'm thinking, it makes you look smarter. makes you look kind of professoresque.

>> when i tried to grow it my daughter said, dad, you look like a bum. comes in gray --

>> and that first day or so, it becomes a hazard when you kiss -- oh, look, you look like denzel.

>> oh, sure, i look like denzel.

>> denzel washington just jumped off a building!

>> whoa!

>> yeah.

>> have you ever done that?

>> that's like a porn beard. nobody likes that.

>> we know what you're watching after the show.

>> oh, jason! you look like a young clooney.

>> this is 2 1/2 weeks right here.

>> baby face.

>> let's confirm you and i should never have a beard.

>> let's show tamron now.

>> oh, no. i'll leave the show. do you know how many hours i spend waxing --

>> oh, come on, really.

>> turn.

>> victor/victoria.

>> nightly whiplash.

>> what was the longest -- have you grown out a beard on vacay?

>> i did here.

>> you did?

>> i had a knee operation because they were worried about infection. i had a beard. wasn't pretty.

>> how long did it take to come in?

>> i don't know. three months.

>> i'm the same way.

>> i think anything here, here, it's ridiculous.

>> how about you?

>> i already talked about my mustache. ladies understand.

>> those were admittedly hideous. but tell us what you think,