TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Gail Simmons shares 3 tasty stuffed potato recipes

The “Top Chef Masters” star demonstrates how to whip up a sunny-side up potato topped with an egg, a Mediterranean potato with feta cheese and olives, and a steakhouse potato with creamed spinach and mushrooms.

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>> this is a savory bar. yesterday we did ice cream sundaes for breakfast. today we're doing stuffed potatoes, very nushs. matt, are you ready?

>> i wasn't sure a lot of people -- i know hash browns are big at breakfast but baked potatoes ?

>> we're mixing it up here on the "today" show. we have a little potato i'm going to put a little butter into just to make it sweet and a little more creamy. and then into it i'm going to pile a number of things. i have crispy bacon. have a little taste. and cheese.

>> this is where it gets healthy, right?

>> this is not an everyday breakfast.

>> thankfully.

>> more like special occasion . i have my base.

>> now we're calling this the sunny-side up potato. and we're adding the sunny-side up egg.

>> this is where breakfast comes in. i have a thing, everything is better with an egg on top, and potatoes are no exception.

>> al has a saying, everything is better with bacon on it.

>> a little salt and pepper . you could also have this for lunch, a dinner recipe as well.

>> could you use sweet potatoes with these?

>> i'm actually using those. you can use any potatoes. they are packed and nutritious.

>> i appreciate that.

>> nice. we have a mediterranean style.

>> this is a play on a greek style. you'll get your veggies in this up with. i'm going to put you to work. hold onto your dressing. diced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, roasted red pepper , olives, a traditional greek salad combination.

>> my favorite salad.

>> give me a little dressing.

>> when you say a little , you mean a lot?

>> the dressing is a red wine and oregano dressing. you can make it, leave it in the fridge, shake it up a little when you're ready to use it.

>> it's pretty. that makes you feel better about eating the carbs.

>> potatoes are really good for you.

>> and the topping --

>> and people don't want to eat the skin of a potatoes.

>> i love the skin.

>> you didn't put any butter.

>> because of the dressing, you don't necessarily need any butter.

>> that looks yummy.

>> and smells amazing.

>> tamron, you want to taste that one for you?

>> i wanted the one with the egg. i'm sorry.

>> i'll take it.

>> when you think baked potato , you think steakhouse.

>> that's the traditional place to get a baked potato . this is my steakhouse potato for you, al. it's actually vegetarian. i made a compound butter. i broke a stick of butter, softened it, added lemon juice , garlic, fresh herbs. we slice off a little bit. you know when you get that pat of butter on your steak.

>> that would be great to put in your refrigerator.

>> you can use it to saute things. if you sauteed an egg in that, delicious.

>> al is a great cook. he'll make that later.

>> and very good eater together.

>> creamed spinach.

>> creamed spinach.

>> this is the real low cal one.

>> but it's vegetable.

>> clear!

>> it's veggie, it counts.

>> a little treat. delicious. and you can pass one of those over here.

>> fried onion .

>> one or two.

>> it does need some bacon.

>> it could use a little bacon.

>> that's beautiful.

>> i have two other potatoes for you. this is my favorite, the new yorker. stuffed with smoked salmon , capers and a little red onion. then i made a lemon and dill yogurt. this is a wild mushroom, and i saw stayed wild mushrooms, thyme, fresh herbs and garlic and stuffed it in a potato.

>> thank you, gail.

>> what's your favorite?

>> you tell me.

>> i like the feta cheese one.