TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Meet the man behind revolutionary GoPro camera

In just a few years, Nick Woodman, 37, transformed his unlikely surfer’s fantasy invention into the GoPro, one of the world’s best-selling cameras. He talks to E!’s Jason Kennedy about turning his dream of capturing cool action footage into a reality.

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>>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> this is the gopro, a tiny video came making a huge splash. hi, tamron over there. it's trumping the competitors and showing up in almost every extreme sport and i cannot wait for you guys to meet its one-of-a-kind inventor. check him out.

>> reporter: in the skies, the surfs, the sea or on the slopes. insanity.

>> it feels really fast.

>> reporter: and it's all shot on one of these. it all started with this puppy. a wuktd perspective that's revolutionizing not how and when but how we document world's moments.

>> this is for the world to capture their life experience.

>> reporter: from the fearless to the feel good.

>> that's a pretty big camera you've got there.

>> reporter: if anyone has earned a visionary title, it's nick woodman. at 37 he's on top of the world as gopro's top guy.

>> i never thought it would get to this level.

>> reporter: his mission, to score the coolest footage possible, so on a gopro, this race car fanatic took me for a wild spin to showcase his creation. you playing in a big sandbox with some of the biggest consumer products in the world. he turned it into one of the best selling cameras. why do you think it's been so successful? how it started is unbelievable, inspired when nick was surfing around indonesia and australia just over ten years ago.

>> i came up with an idea for a wrist harness i could put a camera into and wear while i was surfing.

>> reporter: that was the goal in the beginning, just the wrist camera?

>> yes, not even to be a business.

>> reporter: so this dreamer-turned-inventor locked himself away for two years fiddling and finessing and in 2004 nick sold his first camera. slowly but surely it began to take off.

>> after we launched the original hd hero, i realized, we have too much momentum and too many people love gopro for this to go away.

>> reporter: a match made in heaven for adrenaline junkies or families, you have gold.

>> a lot of times we get shots we haven't seen before.

>> reporter: shaun white snowboarding , james cameron deep sea dive or this surreal footage from felix bumgarner plummeting to the surface. now it's the everyday joes taking charge.

>> it's the life camera now.

>> reporter: for skeptics, nick insist his camera is simply different.

>> gopro has eliminated the need to have somebody else film you. you can now film yourself. whether it's your own perspective or mounting the camera and turning it around on you.

>> reporter: at corporate headquarters it's a bit like a giant playroom.

>> you can put one in water, one end out of water.

>> reporter: a guy like nick takes his work everywhere. just ask his wife jill. how do you use gopros in your daily life?

>> they're on all the time.

>> reporter: even every moment an angle of their son's delivery was gopro'd. nick mixes creativity and tenacity but he says the ultimate key is to take a chance and chase your wildest dreams . what's the secret to your success?

>> that i did something about the idea that i had. i think that's it. whatever it is you're passionate about in life, go for it.

>> it's really a great story. nick woodman attributes much of his recent success to social media like people sharing their own gopro videos on youtube or facebook. basically free advertising for the company with countless videos just waiting to go viral. i think we're still live here, guys.

>> such a flattering angle.

>> here's a better angle. let's do that one again.