TODAY   |  April 30, 2013

Gary Busey’s gassy chat with KLG, Hoda

Oscar-nominated actor Gary Busey got the boot from “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” after his idea for a commercial didn’t fly with Donald Trump. He gets quite candid with KLG and Hoda by explaining how passing gas can clear a room, and even jokes about doing it on an elevator.

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>> down on all fours. [ barking ]

>> can you start moving around crazy and maybe humping the coffee table.

>> so, creative genius or barking mad ? that's oscar-nominated actor, gary busey shaking things up on nbc's "all-star celebrity apprentice " with his out-of-the-box idea for a commercial.

>> his mechanical dog idea did not have a leg to stand on.

>> let me explain it to you.

>> explain away.

>> mechanical dog. i mentioned mechanical dog, it's a folly. i didn't expect it to be in the 92nd commercial for lg smartphones. but pen gillette and lisa laughed very hard.

>> chaotic comedy and come back to the lg smartphones and i said, okay. so i did it.

>> was he messing you?

>> he must have been messing with you.

>> no, no, that was an honest and sincere reaction. they did mess with me when they abandoned me. and they wouldn't help me, they wouldn't give me advice, they wouldn't tell me what they really thought would be good.

>> why not?

>> the reason they didn't was because of their ability to think together and get me off the show.

>> they were trying to get rid of you.

>> but what happened was ivanka and donald went in to pen gillette and lisa rinna and ate them up because they abandoned me. it was obvious. you see penn and lisa shrink in their skin when ivanka and donald were talking to them.

>> you got fired, though.

>> i got fired because i was the project manager and i created the mechanical dog. but i will tell you this, there are some surprises coming.

>> really?

>> in the next few weeks. i cannot tell you what they are, because that would be like you explaining what kind of underwear you wear.

>> you signed a paper that said you wouldn't do that, too.

>> you signed a paper that says you can't tell everybody.

>> i signed the back of a cheerio box.

>> whatever it is, you signed it.

>> have you spoken to lisa and penn since that?

>> no, but i love them and i respect them and they are great in who they are and they're lovely people. and i don't take anything personally. people say about me in a bad way. because if you did that, you'd have a cloud over your shoulder and you'd be walking around like that. i'm happy.

>> you are a happy boy.

>> you are a very happy guy.

>> are you going to do this again next year? the celebrity apprentice , do you like it that much?

>> i love it. and donald trump is a pure man with such strength in his focus and his brilliance. and i'm doing a book called "buseyism."

>> give us an example of an buseyism. faith, f-a-i-t-h, fantastic adventures in transcriusting him.

>> sober s-o-b-e-r, son of a [ bleep ] everything's real.

>> the word fart, feeling a rectal transmission. what you know -- it's, once we have a definition of fart, it's okay to fart on an elevator and you could play name that smell. i did it coming up here. it was fun. when you eat in a london hotel, you're going to have some happy gas to play around with.

>> give us another one.

>> well, a good way to empty a room? is -- get a bottle and a mason fruit jar. no, i'm not going to tell you that.

>> see, i want it, he doesn't.

>> i'll show you how to have fun.

>> later?

>> you'll be able to empty a room in 20 seconds.

>> why would we want to empty a room in 20 seconds?

>> so you'll have more room, what do you think? think with your brain!

>> it is a little warm in here, you're right.

>> that ain't from me, baby.

>> we're going to empty it right now by saying that "all-star celebrity apprentice " airs when?

>> sunday nights.

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