TODAY   |  April 30, 2013

KLG ‘thrilled’ about Carolee Carmello’s Tony nod

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb congratulate actress Carolee Carmello for her Tony nomination in the role of Aimee Semple McPherson in the Broadway musical “Scandalous,” for which Kathie Lee wrote the book and lyrics. KLG says Carmello deserves the nomination.

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb . live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> hey, everybody, hello, hello. it's, what is it today? it's booze-day tuesday, april 30th and we're glad you're with us.

>> it's a big, big day here at "the today show ," we just found out the big news an hour and a half ago and it's so exciting to announce -- carol lee carmelo, your leading lady in the broadway show , "scandalous" i know a lot of you guys saw it, was just nominated for a tony award . and confetti.

>> oh, it's her third tony nomination. she is just -- i'm, i really am, i'm rarely stunned, i'm thrilled, she deserves it. so deserves it. a lot of life isn't fair and this was fair. let's listen a little.

>> carol lee is unbelievable. i wish you guys for a second we could reenact this in the makeup room when we found out about it. because it was one of those moments where i was clock-watching, i knew the tony nominations were on cbs and we were kind of not trying to pay attention in case something doesn't happen. i know you guys all thought, i wonder if this is going to happen --

>> in your life, you don't set, you don't set yourself up for disappointment. it was such a disappointment when the show closed early. such a disappointment that so many people that had tickets and were coming to see it over the holidays didn't get a chance to. you spend 12 years of your life on something that just means the world to you. and nobody -- can, any concept of what it's like to do that if they hadn't done it themselves. and so congratulations to all the nominees.

>> we're going to speak to carol lee a little later in the program.

>> this is thrilling, she has been my leading lady for about ten years of those 12.

>> and we love her.

>> we're so happy.

>> happy for you, too.

>> and david, my composer friend.

>> we have our bags packed and ready to go.

>> anything else important? not to me, but go ahead.

>> we're going to charleston, south carolina .

>> that's important, it's a beautiful little town . we're heading out for two shows.

>> we want to you come see us on thursday, we're at the college there, it's called the college of charleston . we're going to have a big party. so --

>> two big parties.

>> come and join us, you've got to arrive no later than 7:00 a.m .

>> it's early, but it will be worth it. the main gate at porters lodge on george street .

>> we have an assignment for you. please break out the posterboard and make a great sign. whoever has the best sign is going to get a prize.

>> maybe they'll win a brand-new "scandalous" cd which is almost out.

>> if you guys have an issue with a body part and for a lot of us, we know what it is.

>> flop 'em.

>> right over it.

>> there's a new craze out there. that women are deciding instead of doing the weight-lifting stuff, or maybe because they've tried it and it hasn't worked for them.

>> whatever reason.

>> now --

>> there's surgery.

>> they're shelling out big bucks for arm surgery.

>> you have an incision from an elbow to your armpit and get rid of your bat wings.

>> bat wings? i call them flock 'em.

>> looking good, what's your secret?

>> weight watchers online. never thought i'd dig weight watchers never thought i'd love the app but i tried the groovy online app now my arms don't jiggle when i clap i go sleeveless sleeveless when i'm hailing a cab sleeveless i rock the scanner weightwatchers online it's so fab.

>> they're trying to get michelle obama 's arms. it's like $9,000 to $12,000. i wonder if they just do one arm. what if you could only afford one arm. they you would hold your other arm down for the rest of your life and wave with one arm. point with that arm, yawn with that arm. applaud with that arm. yeah, everything with one arm and nobody would ever notice.

>> they would not.

>>> we have a very important topic. we're tackling on our program today.

>> what is that?

>> how to deal with flatulence.

>> yesterday it was bad breath , and today it's flatulence. because we're nbc news. and we're the 20th worst show in all of television, let's not forget. we're working our way to number one.

>> here's the thing about gas -- a lot of people try to stifle it. they don't --

>> they try to sit on it.

>> and that could be doing damage to your --

>> i never knew this.

>> yes. passengers especially on planes, it's just not healthy for them. you need to let your flatulence fly.

>> have you guys ever been on an international flight after like the first few hours, it's nasty.

>> you know you have a ten-hour flight to israel or greece or somewhere and you're thinking -- if this is bad now -- can you imagine? what's it going to be like in ten hours.

>> they walk through the cabins with those spray things sometimes.

>> they do?

>> yes. they say you pass gas how many times a day?

>> how would i know? i never do.

>> 20? 20-ish times. that's a lot of times.

>> 20-ish a day?

>> well, they come in various shapes and forms, though, don't they. there's a little -- and then there's the --

>> we'll tell you foods that you should avoid if you want to avoid flatulence.

>>> today is national honesty day. think about your day so far.

>> it's just any other day to me, hode. but it mst be a very big day for you.

>> it's a very big day for you.

>> honesty day.

>> ha ha .

>> because most people lie. apparently women lie less than men. and most people, 91% of all of us lie on a regular basis.

>> here's how you lie.

>> how are you?

>> i'm fine.

>> not good. i got a sty. that's what i say.

>> most people, rather than burden the other with all of their baggage -- i don't want to burden you, i want to answer you honestly. usually gi, ask me how i am, hoda.

>> how are you?

>> not good.

>> i don't lie.

>> i think it's one of those -- we lie to make the other person not feel bad.

>> you lie all the time.

>> no, i don't.

>> it's usually trying to be nice.

>> i don't lie all the time. like if davy says do you like the color of my shirt. i'll say that's a nice shade of purple. do i love it on davy? i'm not sure.

>> it's really ding-o purple. it's been through one too many washes, you know?

>> he just put on this jacket.

>> anyway, they say that people outgrow lying as they get older. i don't think so.

>> old people stop lying because they don't give a rip any more. that's why they toot at will, too. they don't give a rip, so they let it rip. they don't care about lying any more, they're not trying to impress people any more.

>> a friend of mine said she was at a dinner party and her grandmother was there and a woman was telling a gas-story about how she was on a trip and her grandmother looked up and said boring, boring, boring. because she told the truth, everybody was watching the woman go down the --

>> you stop caring.

>>> we want to point out in honor of the 139th kentucky derby this weekend --

>> frank and i were at the very first one.

>> we are drinking mint juleps. the derby coverage is on saturday may 4th , here on nbc , starting at 11:00 a.m .

>> you know, let's think about the derby that fascinated me. all the build-up. all the build-up and then how long is the race? a minute?

>> 20 seconds?

>> 1:30.

>> like sex, a lot of build up for --

>> is carol lee on the phone?

>> carol lee carmelo, are you on the phone?

>> i am on the phone.

>> this is our tony-nominated actress who is now on the phone.

>> how are you?

>> how do you feel, sweetheart?

>> i'm thrilled. i mean -- you know, it's -- it's bittersweet of course, because we wished the show was still running and i wished that you had been recognized for your great work and, but you know, it's an exciting day and i'm still in my pajamas fielding phone calls and texts.

>> carol lee, honestly you and i have been friends a long, long time and i wouldn't say this if it was just because you're my friend. i'd love you, anyway. but the truth is you gave the finest performance i've ever seen a woman give on the musical stage. and to have you honored this way -- along the other ladies who were so deserving as well. but i'm telling you, the range you showed, and the emotional range, the ages you played -- the, the notes you hit -- that are just -- i am so happy for you.

>> thanks, kathie.

>> and nothing is more thrilling than following your flatulence story.

>> only you could do it. you're that good! well i'm going to be --

>> somebody had to.

>> we love you, carol lee. this ain't over, baby, this ain't over and everybody from "the today show ," everybody went through this with us. they're so proud of you. so proud of you.

>> thank you so much.

>> i'll call you after the show.

>> bye, carol lee.

>> love you, bye.

>> let's check in with our gal sara haines.

>> i have company over here. would you like to make the announcement about the most deserving mom? yes, that's what i thought.

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