TODAY   |  April 30, 2013

Interns weather high winds for #tornadoweek

To raise awareness for Tornado Week, interns at The Weather Channel are braving winds in their office that will increase for every tweet of the hashtag #tornadoweek, aiming for a full-blown tornado if they hit 1 million mentions. The TODAY anchors chat about this and other topics of the day.

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>> we have great news from the tony award nominations. kathie lee 's scandalous nominated carol lee carmelo as best featured actress in a musical .

>> amazing.

>> she's incredible. she was on the stage the entire show.

>> i have never seen anything like it.

>> amazing run she had. to perform the entire time with no breaks.

>> that voice just blows you out the back of the theater.

>> voice of an angel .

>> that's old style broadway.

>> congratulations to them. great news.

>> anybody named lee. you got a tony nomination.

>> pinky lee and spike lee all got tony nominations.

>> even spike got love.

>> sara lee , the baked goods.

>> we love sara lee .

>> nobody doesn't like sara lee .

>> let's get to take three. take one is the nba center of attention. 34-year-old jason collins . you know publically came out on monday in a candid cover story for " sports illustrated ." there he is. that's jason collins . a free agent now. not clear what team he'll play for this year, if any. we should point out there have been many women athletes who have come out previously. this is a big deal in the macho world of professional sports in particular for him to come out publically and do it in an arctticulate way.

>> thank goodness. i'm looking forward to the day when this kind of thing doesn't matter. you know, when someone's sexual orientation is not a big deal . doesn't matter if you are in professional sports or a broadcaster. whatever you do.

>> as has been pointed out there are a lot of athletes who know they are playing side by side with other gay athletes . jason just made a courageous stand. good for him.

>> hopefully opens the doors for others. i think what's important to note is so many people have said he's a role model for a lot of kids now who struggle with this and struggle with their sexual orientation . hopefully as mike lupica said earlier he could be saving lives by doing this.

>> he got a lot of love on twitter. lebron james , kobe bryant . a wide receiver named mike wallace for the miami dolphins tweeted, all these beautiful women out there and guys want to mess with other guys. shakes my head. he later deleted it 20 minutes after that. he took a lot of hate for the tweet specifically. it's still a problem out there that people are not giving a lot of love. 95% of the time it's love.

>> things are changing. there's been a drastic shift in the mindset.

>> kobe bryant came out within minutes of the announcement. i guess he's the second most famous or best player in the nba. to come out that quickly and set the example for everybody else in the league. everybody else in sports talking about don't suffocate who you are because of the ignorance of others. proud of jason collins . he said, i don't know if this happened ten years ago you would have seen the floodgates of support open this way inside the sports world .

>> that's true. you would not have.

>> reaction almost as big a deal as the announcement.

>> that's right. even the president saying how courageous.

>> bill clinton , chelsea clinton .

>> she went to school with him at stanford. people weighing in.

>>> take two is google glass . i saw you with it this morning. this is a first look.

>> come on in, lance.

>> this is a breakthrough from google . here's the editor in chief of "mashable".

>> walking and looking at the google glass .

>> you look like you're talking to yourself half the time.

>> fits right in in new york city .

>> so what's the idea here?

>> this is wearable technology . that's the future of what's happening. it has a screen above my eye here. looks like a 25-inch screen from seven feet away. bluetooth, gps. it's connected to my phone and a phone over there. so it can screen cast. you can get direction because it has gps. you can talk to it. it has voice recognition . it has bone conduction audio. that's how you hear it. i tip my head or tap it to turn it on.

>> are you recording?

>> by default, ten seconds. take a picture. i said take a picture. no one's smiling.

>> we weren't ready!

>> usually it's one, two, three.

>> take a picture. all right. so that was better. i can do, okay, glass . i turned it off. i will turn it back on. i look crazy doing this.

>> yes, going like this.

>> ultimately i want to just tap it to bring it back. okay, glass , directions. carnegie hall .

>> practice.

>> there you go.

>> so it brings up -- basically it will look for directions to carnegie hall from our current location. there's the address. it would take me there. see, there's the map. i have to get to carnegie hall .

>> google is investing a lot in this.

>> google is spending a lot on this obviously. they don't see it as something that takes over your life. it's not about that. it's about augmenting, enhancing by giving you the information and access to your information, people and things. when you need them. you notice it's above my eyes. i'm looking at you, not staring at the screen. i just look up. okay, glass .

>> there are privacy concerns about this.

>> there are privacy concerns. you asked about the video. shoots by default ten seconds of video. it's not shooting all the time. that's number one. number two, i will bring it back here. okay, glass , how do i say hello in japanese? google . how do i say hello in japanese? while i'm talking you can see there is a light on the screen, right?

>> we know you are recording or doing something.

>> film, photo people without them noticing.

>> unless you are walking behind them.

>> you're ogling them.

>> i'm not trying to cause problems.

>> i understand. people have concerns. they will say google is invasive. i look at it this way. without google you can't google things. meaning our lives revolve around this data and this information, access to it. why have access only on the phone, at the desk top . why not have it with you wherever you are. instantaneously.

>> it takes time to pick up the phone .

>> i'm terrible with names but i remember faces. i would imagine i would meet somebody, take a picture, say who is this and have them find it.

>> that's an idea. who is this?

>> there's the privacy thing.

>> okay, glass . if you know them.

>> but what if you don't?

>> record a video.

>> now you will be angry at me.

>> i think the coolest app is you can do video conferencing so your friends see what you're looking at. if you are at a fun event and have wifi.

>> or you're checking out a girl from behind. there you go. stalking.

>> google plus account. you can do a google hangout. what they see is what i see looking at you. in the screen you see them talking to you. it's amazing. really cool. this is $ 1500 , $ 1600 . not available to everybody. there is an explorer edition they gave to 8,000 people. the rest of the world gets access late this year or next.

>> christmas.

>> one other thing, i wear glasses. so i can't see you right now. eventually they will get lenses with a prescription you can put in.

>> i'll wait for the price to come down a little bit.

>> thanks, lance.

>> our take three -- we have to show you --

>> he needs directions off the set.

>> carnegie hall is that way. out the door, to the left.

>> looks like he has a tic, too.

>> talking to yourself .

>> twitter tornado. our friends at the weather channel , the interns were so excited about tornado week this week at the weather channel they decided to create a twitter-powered tornado inside the offices down in atlanta. there they are.

>> eric fisher in the middle. dave malkoff , screen right. nameless intern on the left.

>> this is live streaming inside the work space so you can see them working in the wind. as the tweets go up over the course of the week, they will turn up the velocity and the wind in there. if they hit a million mentions they will turn the wind to an ef-5 tornado which will take down a structure.

>> they are basically going to explode the weather channel .

>> right? that's as bad as it gets.

>> they want to get to a million.

>> imagine ordering jim cantore 's lunch in the middle of a tornado.

>> there he is.

>> there's al and stephanie.

>> they are at 18,000 now. they have a long way to go.

>> long way to go to get to a million.

>> # tornadoweek.

>> we should all do it.

>> turn up the wind. let's take a bonus take. today's buzz list. we got a great response on monday's buzz list segment. unexpected uses for everyday items. i thought we'd demo these from you, the viewers. the first you have is the caribener clip to carry groceries.

>> we have two on our stroller.

>> you put it on the handle to carry them.

>> lots of bags.

>> you lose circulation with six or seven bags.

>> right.

>> this is a rustic rake and mug holder. decorative and practical.

>> cool. very country.

>> very country. this one, using straws to keep your necklaces separated. i guess you shoot them down the straw to stay in a straight line.

>> they don't get tangled.

>> and this is from you, natalie.

>> this is my tip. if you have a blemish. overnight you can mash up aspirin if it's a red flaring blemish. mash it up good.

>> like egg shell .

>> right. make a paste. eventually it will be a real solid paste. you know, i don't have the correct formulation here, but dab it on your blemish and overnight you will see the inflammation go down and also will see the redness go away.

>> sleep with it on.

>> obviously you have to be careful. dermatologists may not recommend it because it could dry out your skin a little bit.

>> who cares? natalie recommends it.

>> she looks good, so you'll look good.