TODAY   |  April 30, 2013

Hot bridal trends: Bold beading, cap sleeves, more

Carley Roney of shares five of the latest trends in bridal fashion straight from the runways, including sparkly beading, cap sleeves, and floral embroidery.

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>> on today's style, affordable trends in bridal gowns , fresh off the runway. carly roni joining us here.

>> i'm so excited. fashion week for weddings just finished. these are hot trends that we have been seeing. you will see women walking down the aisle in it this summer.

>> let's talk about the average price a bride will spend. it's $1,211 to be exact on her gown.

>> that's a lot of money. wedding dresses are $600, $ 1600 , $16,000. you can get them at any price range. the secret is to find a look you love. we have on the knot where you can put in your price , style and we'll find the dresses for you.

>> that's handy.

>> beautiful on any budget, we say.

>> let's get to our first model lauren . one of the first trends is bold beading. beautiful jewelled necklines.

>> lauren is a real bride. getting married july 6.

>> exciting.

>> i love this look. it has a feel to it with a big flowy skirt. statement necklaces are hot. check out the back on this. brides showing a little bit of skin. look at the beautiful back.

>> gorgeous.

>> very flattering look. traditional but modern.

>> the sheer neckline very in. this is just under $ 1200 .

>> perfectly at the average price point in america now. it's great from alfred angelo.

>> thank you, lauren . good luck.

>> yes, good luck. our next model vi is wearing the cap sleeve dress, another trend. strapless is popular, but for the ladies with a little bit of coverage up top.

>> this is a kate middleton look. we still want to be sexier in america. this is the kate middleton effect. it's a regal look with the lace around the bodice. it has a little bit of illusion. the princess seams, this is a great, flattering shape for all different figures as well.

>> the price on this one.

>> it's $605 from moonlight bridal.

>> you look great. thank you. next trend, floral embroidery. let's bring out nicole.

>> this is really stunning.

>> this is amazing. a vintage look is hot now. you see the 3-d embroidered, embellished, flowers all over it. this is one of the hottest looks of the moment whether you are getting married in a loft, in a farm or outdoors.

>> very summery looking with the flowers popping up.

>> it has an english garden -- everything english is hot now.

>> this is a reasonable price as well.

>> $799. it's a great price for this beautiful lace look. this is a great shape, too.

>> nicole, you look great.

>> thank you.

>> pearls are the next hot trend. let's bring out our model karen wearing a dress with lots of pearls.

>> the fairy tale look is always big in bridal. this bodice is embroidered with pearls and a little bit of shimmer.

>> sequins and shine.

>> big full skirt. the '60s,princessy feel for a girl who wants to live in the castle.

>> thank you very much.

>> last but not least, let's bring out linchelle wearing the metallic accent trend.

>> this is a stunning look.

>> the hot trend is great gats by.

>> looking good with the head piece, too. beautiful.

>> this is only $1,000. it's an amazing price . beautiful 1920s vintage look paired with a headpiece. we'll see a ton of brides wearing this look in the coming years.

>> bring out the models for a last look here. lots of options to choose from. very reasonable prices. thank you.