TODAY   |  April 30, 2013

How to get greener grass

Lou Manfredini, host of “House Smarts,” shows how to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood and increase your property value by 10 to 15 percent at the same time.

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>>> the syndicated show "house smart"ment always good to see you. happy spring. a lot of people say i want a great lawn so they go out and do this. they buy sod. is that a good or a bad idea?

>> this is great-looking sod. deliya does the sod for yankee stadium . but it needs a lot of sun and a lot of care. if you have shady spots, hard places to grow grass sod isn't always the best choice although it's instant green lawn.

>> say we are going to do seeding. you don't just throw seed on dirt.

>> no.

>> you have to prepare the soil first. you have a rake which is a simple way.

>> when it's a small yard i'm pulling up the thatch. this clogs your lawn. if you have a larger lawn this is a power rake. you can rent them. you can rent them for $40 for four hours. it goes on the larger yard and pulls all the thatch up so the lawn can breathe.

>> but you're still not ready to throw down seed.

>> no. this is an arrerator. this is the business end. this is a rental. you go and it puts holes in the soil to allow air down into the soil. it allows the soil treatments which we'll talk about to get inside the soil. these are the two single best things you can do to get the lawn looking good.

>> say we have done them, rented the equipment. now we're going to try to actually put -- you blocked the path. what are we putting on the prepared area now?

>> the whole idea is treating the soil. these are soil treatments. magical is calcium for the lawn. this is love your lawn, love your soil. and milorganite is natural organic fertilizer . it takes the soil and balances the ph so weeds can't grow.

>> does it say on the bag how much you need for this?

>> it does. the beauty part of the organics is it won't burn the lawn. this has been around forever. put it on your lawn, you will hear it grow.

>> come on.

>> honest to goodness. it works.

>> lou.

>> put it in the spreader and take it along. there are settings that tell you where to set it so when you go you're not putting too much down.

>> you just put it in my shoe.

>> i know. sa i'm sorry.

>> let's talk about seed. it's regional?

>> you have to be careful. this is black beauty ultra. scotts grass seed. you have to know if you have sun and shade or shade mix. this is the water smart product. after the preparation you will lay that seed down in the area and go ahead and overseed it. the best thing to do to stop weeds is put more seed. cover it with peat moss . that keeps the birds --

>> water immediately?

>> water immediately. when you cover it with the moss the birds don't see it or eat it. keeps it moist. in two weeks you will see grass grow.

>> wait, we promised people a five-step program. one more.

>> you have to feed it. this is the industry standard of the step programs. it's important. we are right at the tail end to get step one down. keep in mind with the crab grass preventer, if you put seed down you have to wait two weeks. otherwise you kill the seed. go with the steps and the most important step is in the winter. it promotes healthy root growth for your lawn to look great and green next year. my lawn has never looked so great.

>> i'm sorry. i heard grass growing.

>> do you hear it?

>> lou, appreciate it. much more ahead on a tuesday morning right after these messages and