TODAY   |  April 30, 2013

Amanda Knox looks to set record straight in new book

The 25-year-old writes in her new book that freedom is giving her the chance to answer everyone’s questions about what really happened in Italy that led to her being convicted and then later acquitted of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>> details about her time in an italian prison.

>> the 25-year-old writes her freedom has given her the chance to answer everyone's questions. in her words, set the record straight . amanda knox describes the moment she was acquitted two years ago. my heart hurt from beating so hard. i was out. i was free. i was so overwhelmed i couldn't talk. a school year abroad that turned into four years locked in an italian jail, convicted for the murder of her roommate, british exchange student meredith kercher . susan page was the first to interview knox face to face .

>> one of the things that worried her most when she got to seattle was she was disappointing her family and friends because she came back a different person than she had left.

>> reporter: in her book "waiting to be heard" she lays out every di delaware taetail -- the case, the prison time. there was the video of her kissing her boyfriend. she describes watching it now. i'm gripped by the same awful feelings i had that afternoon. i can only see myself as i was, young and scared, in need of comfort. knox writes about her friendship with kercher and her carefree lifestyle, trysts with men, smoking marijuana. around our house marijuana was as common as pasta. she's struck by how naive and trusting she was during the investigation until one overnight interrogation with police when she realized she was a suspect. i felt like i was suffocating. there was no way out. still they kept yelling, insinuating. and then she was arrested. knox was found guilty and sentenced to 26 years in prison. suicide crossed her mind. i imagined myself as a corpse. it made me feel sick, not relieved. but it was a fantasy i had many times. knox was acquitted and she returned home to seattle. the legal battles aren't over. the italian supreme court will retry knox 's case. in 463 pages knox tells the story of her innocence, but the fight to clear her name in court could still take years. her lawyer announced knox will not be returning to italy to stand for the trial.

>> not a surprising decision. stephanie