TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

New Joy Fit member lost 100 lbs.

TODAY’s Joy Bauer inducts the newest Joy Fit Club member, Crystal Scott, who started gaining weight as a young child and became less social. One day in college she decided to change, and now she’s shed more than 100 pounds.

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>>> club. a woman who decide she'd was fed up with her weight and decided to get healthy.

>> kristen scott decided she wanted to make a change.

>> my name is crystal scott, i weighed 279 pounds at my heaviest. at about age five or six i started putting on weight. by the time i was seven, i weighed 100 pounds. in junior high school my weight was up around 250 pounds and i was reminded every day br those closest to me that my appearance gave them permission to be mean. though my years at inn high school were good to that point. i was infat waited with losing weight . i always ended up back where i started. my turning point came when as a freshman in college i realized i had total control of my health for the first time and a responsibility to do better. i'm with the will to change, information i found on the internet and everything i've learned through the years i started paying close attention to what i was eating and going to the gym. losing weight and getting healthy has helped me to realize that how others felt about and treated me, how i treated and felt about myself. i'm grateful for the physical part of my journey, but more about the emotional, physical spiritual aspects and that i'm finally happy with me.

>> she's beautiful. before we meet her, we'll talk about the leader of the joy fit club .

>> you guys are going to flip out when you see the stunning reveal. but first i want to tell you how she did it. it's so smart and it's simple. she made herself a three-step plan. step one was to only drink water, no soda, fruit juice, sugary beverages. step two, eat five times a day. breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, nothing else. and step three, once 3:00 p.m . struck, no starchy carbs. she does a meal replacement smoothie in the morning with truth, veggies and a little yogurt. a starch for lunch, quinoa and look at dinner, no starch, a big salad, lean protein and a yogurt for her second snack.

>> that looks delicious.

>> let's look at crystal's before picture.

>> crystal, come join the joy fit club .

>>> oh my gosh!

>> look at you!

>> are you serious?

>> stop it, crystal.

>> honestly you're going to have to stop it right now.

>> how did you drop the weight?

>> i dropped 60 pounds and then four years later i dropped 30 pounds.

>> do you feel like a different person? people don't even know you. people walk past you?

>> yeah. and i like to stop someone and they're like, people have walked away like i still don't know who you are.

>> and it's me.

>> and you're exercising you can tell. what kind of exercise do you do?

>> i walk a lot and use weights and use the body bar.

>> you look great.

>> thanks, crystal. congratulations!

>>> coming up tomorrow from the " celebrity apprentice " gary busey .