TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Quiz! How to get rid of bad breath

Dr. Susanne Cohen joins Kathie Lee and Hoda to talk about how prevalent bad breath is in America, and to share some tips on how to get rid of it.

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>>> series, how to deal. and today we're talking about one topic that nobody wants to talk about especially if you have it, it's called bad breath .

>> what causes it and how do you prevent it? here to put us to halitosis test is dr. suzanne cohen.

>> hello, dr. suzanne cohen.

>> all right. we're ready, love.

>> ready?

>> ready.

>> myth or fact, not all adults have bad breath .

>> i'm going it say myth.

>> everybody does.

>> this is correct. everyone has bad breath every day. everyone wakes up with some form of morning breath , right?

>> some is worse than others.

>> that's right.

>> you didn't think it through, hoda.

>> and some breath it becomes stale throughout the day, hence coffee breath.

>> this is about three million americans suffer from severe bad breath every second of every day.

>> every second of every day?

>> that's a myth.

>> that's a myth.

>> the number is actually 30 million.

>> 30 million, not three million.

>> i thought it was 32 million.

>> it's devastating. it's bad.

>> while they're brushing their teeth, they sthil still have bad breath ?

>> okay. myth or fact, bad breath comes from the stomach?

>> i'm going to say that's fact.

>> myth.

>> at least 90% of all bad breath comes from millions of germs, they naturally exist in our mouth. they eat protein particles and from that they produce a foul-smelling sulfur gas. that's bad breath .

>> from your mouth.

>> really?

>> it's from your mouth.

>> okay.

>> that's why i love this, i like to come to work every day because i learn something.

>> and hoda thinks she knows everything.

>> myth or fact, eating a high protein , low-carb diet contributes to having bad breath .

>> myth.

>> fact.

>> and we talked about, it's protein plus germs equals bad breath . so the more protein you put into your mouth throughout the course of the day, the more bad breath you're going to have.

>> the worst bad breath is people who don't eat.

>> vegetable vegetarians --

>> people who are really, really thin? bad breath .

>> you need one of them all the time when you're around them.

>> myth or fact, bad breath can be a sign of other diseases.

>> that's true.

>> you're both correct. foul odors that comes are actually --

>> they're coming from the lungs, like liver disease , kidney disease . breathing them out.

>> this our tie-braker, we're ready.

>> chewing on mint leaves , parsley and cinnamon sticks can prevent bad breath .

>> they can help freshen breath but can't do anything to prevent bad breath .

>> alcohol in a germ-killing mouthwash is the best way to fight bad breath .

>> myth.

>> it is a myth. because alcohol drys out the mouth killing germs actually you know, they repop late very quickly. but there are mouthwashes out there that can eliminate and even prevent bad breath .

>> which ones?

>> say one so people can come away with one.

>> you want me to say one?

>> smart mouth, mouthwash can provide 12 hours of fresh breath.