TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez in PG-13 Instagram pic

Bravo’s Andy Cohen shares the latest in celebrity news. Topics include photos that pop star Justin Bieber tweeted of himself and Selena Gomez cuddling, spurring speculation that the couple may have reunited after their very public breakup.

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>>> got today's buzz and it's a fun day because we've got the host of "watch what happens live" andy cohen is here with us.

>> we love it when he's here.

>> justin and serena, the rolling stones , any has a round-up of all of your celebrity scoops.

>> hey!

>> thank you so much for the full-page ad you took out on my behalf in that little gay newspaper.

>> i'm here for you.

>> that was so extreme.

>> frank did that for you, too.

>> the whole rainbow she had on the ad.

>> it's on the rainbow.

>> let's talk bieber and selena.

>> are you dying?

>> what's happening?

>> he instagramed a picture of the two of them, there it is. it kind of looks like -- a versace ad, i kind of like it. and then he said, baby, you've been making music for too long. come cuddle with me or something. and then he immediately deleted it. which just -- confused everyone and freaked us all out. and i just don't know, are they together? are they not? and i didn't sleep about it. so it's, my life is crazy. what with the ad and the instagram, everything is going on.

>> too much for one man. settle do you think that because justin doesn't have his inner circle any more. maybe not his manager, his mom, do you think that's what's causing the downward spiral we're watching?

>> are we watching a downward spiral ?

>> yes, a little.

>> i've been watching amanda bynes , that's a downward spiral . i think justin bieber is all right.

>> and everybody is talking about lindsay lohan being so talented. amanda bynes is a brilliant young comedienne. this child is brilliant.

>> i think that's your next full-page ad.

>> let's talk the rolling stones , what happened saturday night?

>> this actually is incredible. they posted at 1:00 p.m . on saturday, hey, we're playing a gig in echo park in l.a. tonight, they played a gig for 700 people, they put out a lottery that day, $20 a ticket. can you imagine seeing the stones in a 700-seat venue?

>> echo park .

>> there's no venue there.

>> bruce willis went.

>> it was inside. i believe bruce willis went, skrillex was there. it sounds like an incredible gig. thatter getting ready for a new tour.

>> they need the money, doggone it.

>> funnily enough, the lowest ticket price on the last tour was $250. so these people got in for $20.

>> what happened in the box office ?

>> number one around the world is "iron man 3." but "pain and gain" was number one here. kind of a quiet weekend at the box office .

>> you were busy.

>> 20 million.

>> i was at the correspondents' dinner. i met darren criss in the bathroom. which is a whole different story. i had a blast, i thought obama was hilarious.

>> i read some stuff. i didn't see it.

>> he was very funny. he poked a lot of fun at himself. conan o'brien went hard on cnn. they were both really funny.

>> was conan -- it looked like he was reading -- i just saw bits and pieces, but it looked like he was looking down a lot.

>> he was, he had a lot of fun with the gavel that was up there. and i had a good time, nice, you know, " vanity fair " party was a lot of fun. i talked to the woman, jessica peret who plays don draper 's wife on "mad men." i feel like i'm losing your attention.

>> we love you.

>> yeah, you, too.

>> ever since you're sober, you're no fun.

>> five days!

>> don't forget to check out andy's book, it's called "most talk tiv" stories from the front lines of pop culture .