TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Unexpected uses for everyday items

From coffee filters to eggs, you can get more than you think out of the products that fill our daily routines. The TODAY anchors share some new uses for everyday items that will surprise you.

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>> panty hose, i bought these last night. not awkward or anything.

>> this is ano odor solver.

>> your car is not going to smell like coffee?

>> it will absorb the odor and you can add drops of vanilla or cinnamon. this is the final product right here. if you have kids.

>> it's like a sachet.

>> it will eliminate the odors. easy to do. i promise it works. we move over here.

>> you have the coffee and now the filters.

>> we have coffee filters around the house. put the taco in it and when the cheese and the meats fallout, you move it. you don't want to eat the coffee filter .

>> that's good fiber.

>> it's simple.

>> when you take a bite, it won't crumble. moving on to this forro odors as well.

>> baking soda , the miracle ingredient.

>> baking soda and you tie it and put them in places like sneakers.

>> or the locker or things like that.

>> okay.

>> washing your vegetables, they sell a lot of those sprays and stuff like that, but the fact is that you already have baking soda . you take it and dip your sponge --

>> decorate it, if you will.

>> after do you this, you rinse off your fruit and you have a 100% natural way to clean your food and economical.

>> cheap too.

>> did you know egg whites are very good as paste?

>> i did not know that.

>> what we will do is take our egg white -- the greeks and the romans used to use it as glue back in the day. there you go.

>> and then they added a little bacon to it.

>> fig leave over certain parts. i'm kidding. that part i made up.

>> these egg whites .

>> now you have the eggshells. you have a lot of time on your hants a hands and a mortar.

>> how long will it take you?

>> you grind that.

>> nobody can get it down to that.

>> if you put it in a coffee grinder you would. then this is to strengthen your nails. you use eggshell in your polish.

>> how much do you put in?

>> not too much.

>> i hear you like a manicure now and then.

>> how did is it t keep it from getting --

>> this goes down in there and it will work. we will do that.

>> it's nice and clear. now you have egg shells .

>> it's good at strengthening your nails.

>> is this a winter color?

>> you are lucky i didn't do the red.

>> that's good tips.

>> except for the last one.

>> for more ideas, send us your creative tips with everyday items on twitter. use the hash tag, #today buzz list. back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc.

>> coming up tomorrow, hot bridal trends.